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White Night in taste, a great unexpected success

The night was called in taste, just to distinguish it from the usual White Nights, which combine the pleasure of the frantic consumption. Caorle and the President of the Pro site Fabrizio Tonon, sought from the earliest moments of organizational avoid this and that way: avoiding transfers of persons between one location and another, concerned at the (Caorle, Bibione, Jesolo), was too dangerous, everyone had to choose the first locations to spend the night. To do this, it was put in all that added value that distinguishes Caorle. The beach, opening the season with the cutting of the tape, which occurred in the presence of the authorities and children's choir Rainbow, to this point that the event had to meet all (even the most vulnerable), allowing anyone to enjoy themselves so serene , and the serenity was guaranteed by the significant presence on the beach Command of the Carabinieri, the Guardia di Finanza and the Harbor. The City and in particular the Old town where the bodies have expressed, from a professional is the best themselves, with entertainment, decorations, music, dishes, even in this case, hoteliers, retailers, restaurateurs, retailers, have interacted not losing sight of the message set of serenity and respect for a fragile city, deep in history. Particular must not be neglected has been (and many have taken and lived) the wish to exclude Piazza and Cliff Vescovado a mare by the proposal of fun, peace and the veiled silence of these places was temporary refuge for many, the idea materialized Bibione to open the church at night, would have delivered an additional way of approach to the night life with serenity. The fishing port, which is normally the night, is frequented by fishermen, has shared with the guests arrived in our city, the profession, planning a tourist boat out in the following vessels, to assist a fishing fly and then enjoy a single party, the families of fishermen and tourists, the tasting of the fish caught by little; with this noble, exclusive product that is highly prized fish dell'antistante sea of Caorle, well they are integrated products of the land, promoted in Piazza Matteotti, not only in the hinterland caorlotto but throughout the Veneto, as the wines of Roads Wine Venetian: the Doc Lison Pramaggiore, Piave and Colli Euganei. Finally, a further peculiarity: Voluntary Associations and the residents, none of the Adriatic resort boasts the full participation of those allowed to complete the success of such an event, where there was no line between who was and who Caorle Caorle was came to celebrate. All this makes us think that the thing was pleasing, because the requests for confirmation to the event in the future, are substantial; if we want to draw conclusions on what we can say that those who wished it was participatory and protagonist heard with pleasure and satisfaction that everything is smooth yarn, that the serenity and pleasure of Caorle not failed, that the safety of all has been assured, that there were no accidents, that the thunder of silence was palpable, and that if someone wanted a Caorle grab-and-go, this was not the night for him.


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