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27/06/2009 - Vinosofia 2009 (2 July-22 August)

The philosophy of "Drinking Well" back to promote the riches of the Eastern Veneto, through the Strada Vini Doc Lison Pramaggiore. For the tourist, a new and enjoyable way to discover the riches of our land, a few kilometers from the magical Venice. The second stage of the July 2 Vinosofia 2009, l 'initiative organized by Strada Vini Doc Lison Pramaggiore to promote the many riches of the territory of the Veneto Eastern Europe, primarily the best wines of the territory. Twelve dates from July 7 to August 22, held between Azzano Decimo, Bibione, Caorle, Portogruaro, and San Pramaggiore Stino, offering an original blend of tasting good wines and culture to offer a pleasant evening the pace slow and Drink well. Each player will encounter a member of the cellar Road Wines Doc Lison Pramaggiore (Fri), which will present the wines of the area under the starry sky of summer 2009: Participants will know the resources of the territory that hosts them, not only offers famous beaches, but also quality products and cultural resources. Every evening tastings will be accompanied by concerts, readings, theatrical performance. For each event will host a social Always the Road: hotels, farmhouses, wineries and the City of Pramaggiore, patron of the grand finale of 22 August, an evening with wine and music at the Mill Belfiore, an authentic jewel of the history of peasant Veneto Orientale. Tourists and residents can thus spend an evening relaxing to know an area that offers much. "Last year we brought our wines in tourist areas," said Francesca Amadio, the new President of the Strada Vini DOC Lison Pramaggiore "This year will continue this initiative, we would also bring tourists bathing in our territory, to let them know our roots and our wealth, as our wines. All this through a tasting conscious, with moderation, responsible for stimulating a knowledge of wine, food prince of "togetherness", the conviviality and slow life. "In this context, it also wants to promote the Veneto Orientale, crossed by the Wine Road Doc Lison Pramaggiore, which houses the large wine cellars of quality, always open to visitors, but it is also suitable for environmentally sustainable tourism: livable beaches, natural oasis, rich in cultural history, as Concordia Sagittaria, with its Roman ruins, Portogruaro, coin its beauty and Caorle Renaissance with its glimpses of "Venetian". Partners artistic evenings will be the Music Foundation S. Cecilia Portogruaro, the Ediciclo Editor, historical publishing house specializing in tourism slow-bibicletta and not, as well as local theater groups. 2-3-10-24-30 the dates of July and August 7-22 are for free, by reservation c / o structure concerned. For info and complete schedule Secretariat Strada Vini Doc Lison Pramaggiore: - info @ - tel: 0421-200731 (Tuesday and Friday morning).


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