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Two hundred x2, in the calm wins Blucolombre

It should be on file the XXV edition of the thirteenth century, took place May 15-17 to the organization of the Club Nautico Santa Margherita in collaboration with Marina 4 Darsena dell'Orologio, City of Caorle and sponsors Water San Benedetto, Paulaner, and ICM Great satisfaction for the success of the event, with its 48 boats participating, it confirms the long-distance event more crowded in Italy. A success of members due all'indovinata formula weekends, which allows even those who have little time to measure competition in a challenging 200 miles ahead in the stretch-Caorle-Grade Sansego and return as quickly as possible, both in formula given to only two skippers, both in the Crew. In addition to the best way dell'Adriatico crew boats, racing news from the debut, the Minitransat, a trimaran and the German crew of Olympic Stars, backed by Caorle City Sports, a team of female Olympic athletes and the Olympic disciplines, which to debut in racing have long been an absolute and flattering seventh quarter classmates. Unstable The time has characterized this edition of the thirteenth century: leaden sky at the start, the wind 15 knots from scirocco with wave formed and after the passage of the sun, just a beat with rain to accompany the crew to stop almost Sansego time, with reinforcements of up to 20 knots. The return instead under a scorching sun and for good stretches in the calm, who was chosen below the board was able to climb, while many others were forced to retreat. The first boat to cross the finishing line for the second consecutive year, was Mucillaginerosa at 23:34:37 on Saturday, a crew is not very professional and trained together, led by Renzo Sandrin. Big test also for the Farr 40 marinariello De Bona with Berti Brussa tactics, which came in the early hours of Sunday and first in IRC Overall In Crew, followed by Roberto Arkanoè Caramel. In IRC Overall ranking X2 has imposed Blucolombre, First 40 . Juris 7 / Rinaldo, followed by Taradis of Ottolenghi / Cinerario and Salona 42 Bertozzi / Muraro. The next meeting will be the one with the sixteenth Thiénot Cup June 14-20 at the end of which will take place in center of Caorle, the awards for both races. CLASSIFIES IRC FOR CLASS X2 CLASS 1: 1st Blucolombre (Juris / Rinaldo) 2nd Taradis (GDB East Sailing Team / Ottolenghi) 3. Salona 42R (GDB East Sailing Team / Bertozzi) CREW IN CLASS 1: 1stMarinariello (Carlo De Bona) 2nd Pink slime (Renzo Sandrin) 3 3. Luna per te (Sporting Club 2 sails) CREW IN CLASS 2: 1st Arkanoè (Roberto Caramel) 2. Coup de Matto (Tesser / Biron) 3rd Rosso di sera (The crew / Gozo) CREW IN CLASS 3: 1st Drakkar (Giuseppa Mezzalira) 2. Black Angel (Paolo Striuli) 3rd Ca va (Sponza Andrea) CREW IN CLASS 4: 1st Esmeralda (Fabio Brisolin)


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