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Today I do know: the jumps in Lucca!

On 25 and 26 September in Caorle great event for lovers of athletics and not, in the final of companies to gold. We shall participate in the Virtus Lucca, which will field its athletes trying to gain salvation. There are great expectations on the front jump, where we will work Luigi Gonnella, an excellent athlete and well-known name of the triple and long. Virtussino the jumper in the final races showed significant signs of improvement, always finishing in the top positions. These performances have taken him to win the Arena in Milan on 7 ^ place in the Italian Championship in the triple jump where he landed at 15 meters and 06 cm. Excellent performance even in the long where he got the measure of 7:11 meters, touching the staff of a couple of centimeters. It is therefore a great return for Gonnella, who until last year was struggling with physical problems and injuries. "I am quite satisfied so far this season-disputed statement after being stopped along I'm slowly returning to my measurements. With regard to Caorle, I am determined to do well. "And if he is the spearhead of the platform, not to be left behind the young Leonardo Monacchi, first-year student in the class but already able to land at 6 meters and 29 cm long. The measure was obtained at the seventh stage of the Grand Prix Monte dei Paschi di Siena at the Stadio dei Pini. After many attempts and some concern, Monacchi was not deterred and got a pass for Italians students. In the area jump towards Taddeucci also Mark, who will be in Caorle to help his companion Gonnella. Closing the male sector Simone Barsanti, who continues to work in the long and triple. Great success in women with Martina from San Biagio and Francesca Giorgetti, which will be engaged in corporate silver to the Florence Marathon. A significant improvement for Da San Biagio, which continues its path in the triple jump and not exclude even the 100 m Hurdles where he got the staff of 14 "64. In the triple jump but managed to jump up to 12:50 m. During the Grand Prix Monte dei Paschi Siena Ridolfi stadium in Florence. are also positive in the long races, where it landed at 5.64 mt. good result for Francesca Giorgetti, followed by prof. Bruno Bianchi, now almost at the end of a season that has seen very involved in the races in the long jump and triple. In the first stage was able to jump 5.62 meters, while in the triple jump after a great indoor season was a little 'jump off the area because it offers a series of well-trained and motivated athletes, so it can only be expected improvements. All this thanks to the technical Rape Luke, who follows with attention and perseverance his "boys" in training and a compact group which together managed to achieve significant goals.


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