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23/07/2009 - The moon in the well

In the evening of Friday 4 and Saturday 5 September 2009, the picturesque town of Caorle (province of Venice) will be infected by the magic and dall'incanto International Festival of Theater in the street "La Luna nel Pozzo", now in its fourteenth edition. Acrobats, clowns, jugglers, actors, dancers and musicians will perform on the streets and squares in the historical heart of the picturesque town of fishermen, to fascinate the audience of adults and children with performances that blend together comic theater, circus arts, music and dance ... The expected and traditional appointment with the evocative art of street theater is sponsored by the Town of Caorle and organized by the cultural Arci Suspended Loads of Padua, withthe patronage of the Regione Veneto and the Province of Venice, in collaboration with the Azienda di Promozione Turistica di Caorle and the Consortium PromoCaorle. "Hanging by a thread" is the theme chosen for this edition, in which three main groups of artists in successive two days. The "wire" is the one that is suspended in perpetual search for balance acrobats of the circus, but also the lives of people in this world economic crisis faced precarious work or struggle with daily hardships and sacrifices. And life at times can be for someone very much like a circus, making him make the jump to mortals "get by" ... This is the theme of a particular background of the shows offered, "Cirko" of the company Pantakin Venetian, where we compared with the art to survive with only three balls, stretched a rope, a pole and a lot of energy. A show where everything is possible, a comic tragedy that confronted with the difficulties of daily life of a small circus. The Chinese pole, juggling and clowns transform a banal quarrel in a brawl acrobatics and a declaration of love in an explosion of fireworks. "Why is life this way: a tragedy waiting to be laughing." A show that, by continuing the search path of the company under the Nouveau Cirque, brings together actors and circus artists, and puts the figure at the center of the clown. Meet comic-drama with music "The incredible Jashgawronsky Brothers", which in Caorle will perform a preview with a novel training at five, instead of the usual view that all the three Armenian brothers Pavel, Nicolas and Suren. Nati artistically as buskers, the three brothers take on the scene they are musicians as well as real actors. To make it memorable for extravagant musical instruments of their invention derived from common objects or recovery - in times of crisis does not throw anything away! -. The show-concert ( "Tomato Drum!") Promises to be sparkling, fun, and in the name of comedy and virtuosic. In the calendar, also indulged in physical theater "Products", which sees all six young acrobats in Nairobi (the Afro Jungle Jeegs) and some European artists (dancers abnormal ") for a project that is the result of a path between Europe and Africa. The show tells "a story steeped in white, the color of things hanging." Participation in performances and events of the festival is free.


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