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14/08/2009 - THE MOON IN POZZO, Thursday 'and Friday 4' September 5

The fourteenth edition of La Luna nel Pozzo is held in Caorle in the days of Thursday 4 and Friday 5 September 2009, the beginning of the show is scheduled for 20.30. Two days entirely dedicated to the amazing world of street theater in which theater groups and national and international will animate the streets and squares of Caorle with magical performances and evocative of the International Theater Festival in the street. The event, one of the most important in Italy of this kind, is sponsored by the Town of Caorle, as in previous years, was given the task to the cultural Arci Suspended Loads of Padua. The event enjoys the patronage of the Regione Veneto, the Province of Venice and the collaboration of the Tourist Office of Caorle. These companies will perform in Caorle: THE OMEN in Baccanti Nomen An oneiric imagery in a cemetery with two corpses bored, which is to invent anything to overcome the boredom of eternal peace. The show is known for the suggestion, the evocatività and spectacular scenery of the gesture. The Baccanti attended the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Turin in 2006 and were awarded by the Piedmont Region for the enhancement of the arts in the streets. AFRO JUNGLE JEEGS in TOTAL CONTROL Jeegs Afro Jungle is a group of six straord inari acrobats natural predisposition to the rhythm and fun. In each performance transmit joy and zest for life with their talent. The acrobatics, based on technical / force / creativity and a total control of the body capture the public and free energy of life with an impact of extraordinary emotional intensity, where the audience engaged and dragged, becomes the star of a celebration in full motion. JASH GAWR ONSKY BROTHERS mitici are returned more than ever! The three Armenian brothers Pavel and Nicolas suren that the public half of Europe and not only learned to know, are ready to give a new show-concert that looks even more fun to show of their debut: "Tomato Drum." For those who do not know yet, the peculiarity that distinguishes them is the invention of musical instruments made from objects in common use or recovery but not limited to: with these objects the Jashgawronsky managed to invent a number of instruments but strange to see original and fully functional. You can watch and listen as the scopofònio or a double bass built by assembling a bowl and a broom together with a rope from linens, the waterdrum: a cabinet-battery with a table that rises and lowers like a hat, the arpometto the hanger transformed into a harp, the secchitarra: a guitar-bucket that you can play infilandosela in the head and then again: the imbutromba, the innaffiasax, the erotic pipe, the tubarimba and other oddities from the immediate comic! Play naturally with the traditional music, blues, jazz, classical tour taking in the Celtic music and rock'n roll in a show that mixed comedy and virtuosity, drama and music, humor and invention for the three unique characters that represent the surreal side of music. Pantakin in Cirko After the successful experience of the subject pr Arcipelago Circus Theater, which has explored the breath enhances theater skydiving, figure and square, Pantakin continues its search path in the Nouveau Cirque with a new production . The focus of this research is the figure of the Clown that is trait d'union between the spectacular circus and poetry of the theater. The show tells the story of a small circus desperate to dazzle the audience with his amazing numbers that can live only through the imagination of the audience, guided by the evocative power of music. Five players on the track, five characters with personalities and abilities different living and make living in the fantasy scene dell'immaginifico then simply find themselves dealing with the small difficulties of daily life. A life that is transformed into a circus. The Chinese pole, juggling, acrobatics and the clowns transform a banal quarrel in a re ssa acrobatics, a declaration of love in an explosion of fireworks. Because what is life? Nothing but a tragedy for you to laugh! LOADS SUSPENDED in MECHANICAE In primitive elements, become detached from the ground to meet with his own body, free from the slavery of the force of gravity. and stop there. wait. dream to the flight of Icarus. Then back, back down and immerse in water. hold your breath. respirare.Un dive that reminds a dream, or perhaps a dream that looks like a dive. Jump up to find the sense of expectation: we belong to this land looking for but when and how to fall off. This show could be called the tuffatrice, but is not back down that dream.


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