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The data and statistics 2009

During the Day of Saint Sebastian, patron of local police, Sunday, January 24, 2010 the police of the district Portogruaro have found themselves in Caorle to celebrate their annual event. Attended by representatives of the municipalities of: Hanno Veneto, Caorle, Cinto Caomaggiore, Concordia Sagittaria, FossaltadiPortogruaro, Gruaro, Portogruaro, Pramaggiore, San Michele al Tagliamento, Santo Stino di Livenza and Teglio Veneto. And Assessor for roads and road safety, the Province of Venice, Emanuele Prataviera. Here is a summary of the work done by the Municipal Police of Municipalities of the district portograurese during the year 2009 prepared by the Corps Commander of the Police Station City of Caorle, the superintendent Armando Stefanutto. Defense of citizen control of the territory, fighting petty crime, supervision on construction, commercial and even road accidents and road conditions, they are only a few, perhaps the most important areas where the City Police Department operates with the goal, always, to offer citizen an efficient and effective service, which guarantees the same security and tranquility. In this context, the body and the police services of the Municipal District Portogruaro, formed by the municipalities of Hanno Veneto, Caorle, Cinto Caomaggiore, Concordia Sagittaria, FossaltadiPortogruaro, Gruaro, Portogruaro, Pramaggiore, San Michele al Tagliamento, Santo Stino di Livenza Teglio Veneto, have done, even over the past year, a comprehensive service of prevention, control and, where provided, repression, with ultimately the rule of law. The work is summarized in the following data collected: With regard to road traffic were ascertained No 36,300 violations against 29,200 in 2008, a fast-growing data suggests that the deterrent effect, produced by the introduction in Italy of a system of penalty points, is gradually dwindling. Were withdrawn 307 licenses, 132 more than in 2008, this increase was so important stems from the fact that increased controls aimed at combating driving under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of drugs. Because they were 118 people open to prosecution under Article. 186, CDS (GUID while drunk alcohol) and 9 the complaint under Article. 187 (driving under the influence of drugs). It should be stressed that these checks have been made possible thanks to the many projects finalized or under specific statutory provisions, primarily the LR No 9 / 2002 and LR 29/2007, the Veneto Region has approved and funded, allowing the Corps Police Station to acquire the necessary tools for screening and assessment of exceedance blood alcohol allowed. Registration certificates withdrawn were 200 against 188 in 2008; The most common violation in this case concerns the non-periodic review of the vehicle. Road accidents have been recorded 427, of which 179 with injuries and 4 deaths, while in 2008 they were collected for 465, of which 211 are with the injured and 3 fatal. Therefore, I note with satisfaction, an overall decrease in accidents (reported) - 38 and those with f erit - 32, although, unfortunately, the data reported in fatal accidents is increasing + 1. In policing the commercial checks were carried out with the 1799 finding of 796 violations. Always very important in this sector is the law enforcement of illegal trade, particularly with regard to the beaches of Caorle and Bibione, which has also led the implementation of No 660 seizures, estimated at over $ 1,000,000 market value of goods seized. With reference to supervision on construction and environmental protection have been carried out 526 inspections, ensuring 61 violations of a criminal, with the seizure of 4 construction sites and 319 administrative violation. Important is the contribution made to ensure order and public safety. In this context were controlled 41 camps, carried out 10 evictions of buildings and / or areas illegally occupied by settlements, fer mate, controlled and identified 1110 people, most non-EU, of which 36 have undergone fotosegnaletici findings, while 399 foreigners were denounced for violations relating to residence or their presence in Italy. In relation to the judicial police, were sent to the Judicial Authority No. 417 crime reports for crimes of various kinds, and made 107 seizures were made 198 criminal acts delegated by the prosecution. Also as part of the activities, were arrested in the act 6 people. Conclude by pointing out the importance of road safety education for operators have done with professionalism and dedication in schools of all levels of the district, for a total of 279 hours of class, knowing that all efforts likely to improve road safety would be useless without the diffusion, at each level of road safety culture s Tessa.


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