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It opens Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 11.00, the new building used as a district social health of the shoreline in Caorle. The ceremony will be present, in addition to the Mayor of Caorle Mark Taylor and the Director General ULSS 10 Paul Stocco, politicians and administrators in the Veneto. "We are pleased to inaugurate the new health facility in our town, said Mayor Mark Caorle tailor. This is an important building, the administrative route planned by this City Council, represents another step forward in improving the quality of life of our citizens. This is one of three opening ceremonies planned many important short Caorle, along with the reopening of the historic site of City Hall Via Roma, completely restored and renovated the former school official opening Bafile, already running in some parts since last year . inaugurations are of great social value, defining a precise and definitive work done by the municipal administration headed by me in these years. The completion of the work, and then the appearance and functionality of buildings give the right emphasis in these works that were under construction, by some, unfairly criticized. Today these facilities are open to citizens and administrators for us this is a moment of great satisfaction. "" The new coastal district crowns the fruitful collaboration between Health Units and the City of Caorle-state dell'ULSS10 general manager, Paolo Stocco . This structure was expected for years, now we will finally have not only offices but a new first aid at the tourist. Better social and health service for guests and residents of Caorle. In preparing the project was prepared every detail, from interiors to parking for users. "DESIGN AND COST AND WORK 'entrusted Sanson and Associates Study of Treviso. The initial preliminary stages of the project are dated 2003 and ends in December 2006 with the approval of the Executive. The work was located near other facilities of public interest (schools, nursing homes, docks, fishing port). The plot of land on which the building is located between Avenue of the tropics to the south bank of the Channel Clock east and north, and a road distribution of residences adjacent to the dock to the west. The cost structure was set by the executive project of which ? 2,400,000.00 ? 1,790,000.00 for project work based on race, awarded in May 2007 Undertaking Fedrigo SpA Trieste. A subsequent report to implementation of improvements arising during construction reduced the amount of work the final figure of ? 1,680,828.27. The functions solely responsible for the procedure were carried out by Ing. Enzo Lazzarin, manager of the municipality of Caorle, for the stages of preliminary and final design and Eng. Peter Casagrande, director of Technical Service ULSS No. 10 for the executive and the project execution. The building is' conceived as a unique body of works with development of approximately 50 ml and a width of around 13 ml, an area of approximately 593mq and height of three planes of different size (593mq ground floor, first floor 457mq, 161mq second floor), with a maximum height of approximately 13m complex. DISTRIBUTION OF THE FACILITIES The hotel is on different functional areas on each floor. The ground floor seats: the main entrance, central decentralized ambulance entrance on the left side, the other inputs are behind the service, there is also a connective vertical made from a stairwell and an elevator leading to the various floors of the First Place aid, with emergency surgery (having technical-plant operating room for 23. 8 sqm), a clinic visit (16 sqm) and astanteria (26.7 sq.m), more toilets, acceptance and room for the doctor on call, for a gross area of approximately 295mq, the service continuity of care and medical tourism with three surgeries The guards with acceptance dedicated medical (including emergency medical tourism), and related services to a gross area of approximately 240mq. In this area there are also point levies and administrative district (CUP Fund, Population Health). On the 1st floor are places: territorial health care clinic, and related services, the local staff, local public hygiene, for a gross area of approximately 280mq. The 2nd floor hosts: the offices of the headquarters, administrative offices for the district, for a total gross floor area equal to 150 sqm. DETAILS EXTERIOR - ENERGY SAVING Both inside and outside the new district health solutions have been adopted to overcome the elimination of architectural barriers, while outside there are adequate spaces to park users. Aimed at obtaining significant energy savings you have installed a solar panel system, located on the roof of the tower technique, to support the condensing boiler for producing hot water. The First Aid point served as a bridge dedicated radio for communications nza emerge, even in the absence of external telephony infrastructure.


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