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Shower of medals for the athletes of Velta

Velta karate schools of Maestro Sergio Valeri just two months after the start of the 2009/2010 courses have opened the season by participating in the first trophy of the Nations - International of Italy, which was held in Caorle, Venice, and which were present in addition to clubs from all over Italy, schools from France, Poland, Bosnia, Serbia, Romania, Armenia and Spain. The seven athletes from the school Viterbo are all back home medals, some for the'oro, some with silver, some with bronze, some very precious medals, won in other categories easier, but everyone on the podium. Excellent performance David Vinciarelli of Orvieto which is bang in the Kata (forms) in the category Children orange green belt and wins the gold in a number of categories. The Viterbo Stephen Sozio ago but the winner takes all in battle and hung proudly around his neck a gold-heavy. Tuscanese good performance of Cristina Sebastiani who won bronze in the cadet women black belts. Excellent evidence of promising athlete in Alice Flint many categories female children Kata green belts and blue in third place. Elisei Nicola Montefiascone won the bronze in category B children orange, Grace Nam silver in kata female cadets at orange belt, and Andrew Sozio involved in Cadets kumite +60 kg yields again before the more experienced opponent Carcangiu and must be satisfied a bronze. A new beginning as an officer in the race for the M ° Sergio Valeri which has been entrusted the entire management team of the arbitration notice most prestigious and warm throughout the competition, namely the battle of the categories for junior and senior (18 - 35 years) black belts. "I'm always looking for the completeness of the line of my school - says M ° Valeri - karate must be a deep and intimate journey to discover themselves, and at the same time it must give the opportuneness to experience strong and living comparison with others, this is the meaning of competitive sport in karate and this is the line taken in my schools. "


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