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Short Comedy

Over the weekend, between Friday 17 and Saturday, September 18 will be on stage in Caorle "short comic VENETO" a national competition for short films and brilliant comedy born with the intent to promote the Veneto, a territory to turn to discover the scents, flavors and colors forgotten, and traditions, magical memory of past events. The event is organized by the Tourism of the Veneto Region in collaboration with the City of Caorle and proposes a program of all relief. It starts Friday, September 17, 2010, at 21.00 in Piazza Matteotti, with the opening night by Franco Oppini Physician and Elizabeth; host directly from the stage of Zelig co nomic Joseph Cacioppo and Fabrizio Fontana fertile than in Mauritius, Bianchessi Carlo, Carlo and Giorgio, Sergio Vasta, Gigi Sammarchi. follow the public presentation of the jury and then the evening will continue with the presentation and vision of the ten finalists short films interspersed with comments. The next day, Saturday, Sept. 18, the event starts at 11am with projections of comic gags of classic Hollywood cinema, always in Piazza Matteotti, where the stands will also work tasting of typical Venetian. Which will then be at the center of the appointment scheduled for 17.00 hours: a drink Comedian! in the company of Venetian and national comedians. The public square will have the opportunity to see the evidence of the evening, spend time chatting in the company of artists from the late afternoon in the square for the occasion transformed into a nice outdoor place in which taste the best typical Venetian toasting with great wines from Veneto! at 21.00 start the final part of the event by Franco and Elizabeth Oppini Physician. Be viewed short films that passed the selection on Friday with the awarding of the best short films by the institutional personality that made the event possible. An event which involves two short films made by Caorle. One titled "Fame x Hunger" directed by George and another directed by Andrea Battiston Malpigli entitled "Back to the Roots".


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