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Primavela CNSM wins Yume2

Vela Cup Primavela Caorle - With six valid tests, held over three weekends, ending on Primavela Championship, organized by the Circolo Nautico Porto Santa Margherita in collaboration with Marina Dock 4 and clock, which traditionally opens the season sail up the Adriatic. The path to stick twice to turn the entire fleet, both group A than B, was the novelty of 2010 and has created much evidence fought with discounted results. Saturday 27, and big wave South wind around 6 knots, the fleet has played only one test. Successful day for the Friuli Furkolkjaaf J92, which undermine the Moon for you from the first position overall. Sunday 28, a beautiful sunny day and the wind has finally given three tests much fought the whole fleet, which was also greeted by a flock of dolphins that have been long in the race. Perfect direction by the Committee chaired Morosetti by Tito, who has managed the route changes due to shifts between 7 and 11 knots during the day. The final classifications of Class 1 have rewarded the good season for you Luna Sporting 2 sails, with Dario Malgarise tactics, followed by Mucillaginerosa Renzo Alberto Sandrin Leghissa and City of Grisolera Daniele Franco Cesare Bressan. The X35 Drakkar Joseph Mezzalira barefoot Friulians of Bonin Flying 31 Class 2, followed by X-Ray Joseph Bragagnolo. In the First Class 3 wins 34. 7 Yume 2 Nicola Stedile, also won Overall, while Massimo Polo and Massimo J92 Furkolkjaaf Dainese Long live the Elan 340 second and third respectively. Minialtura In confirming the primacy of El Moro Graziano Manfria on Vizio Sandro Ravenna Arkanoè Aleali Claudio Caramel, carrying the youngest racer in the league, his son Sergio. The awards were held at the Club House of CNSM at the end of the test Sunday, March 28. IRC OVERALL STANDINGS: 1) YUME 2 (Nicholas Stedile) 2) MOON FOR YOU (Club Sails asd 2) 3) MUCILLAGINEROSA (Sandrin Renzo) CLASSIFICATION IRC Class 1: 1) MOON FOR YOU (Club 2 Sails asd) 2) MUCILLAGINEROSA ( Sandrin Renzo) 3) CITY 'OF GRISOLERA (Daniel Franco) CLASSIFICATION IRC Class 2: 1) DRAKKAR (Mezzalira Joseph) 2) Flying (Gambill Claudio) 3) X-RAY (Bragagnolo Joseph) CLASSIFICATION IRC Class 3: 1) YUME 2 (Nicholas Stedile) 2) FURKOLKJAAF (Pole Maximum) 3) CHEERS (Dainese Massimo) IRC CLASS Minialtura STANDINGS: 1) El Moro (Manfria Graziano) 2) VICE (Ravenna Sandro) 3) ARKANOE 'ALEALI (Claudio Caramel )


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