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03/05/2009 - Priests in the saddle, the bike runs faith

Mill thousands of miles a year, facing the mountain passes and overpasses as they were, just the Giro d'Italia goes here, climb into the saddle to follow closely the achievements of their pets. Cycling fans, of course. But in everyday life priests. "I have been a great passista ', recalls with a touch of nostalgia SoCal Don Paul, who has only now reached the 68 years has had to slow down the pace of his races. "Just recently I discovered the mountain bike. Satisfaction that reach the shelters on a bicycle. But the heart does not allow me the most. "In the footsteps of Dean, Don Marco Scaggiante vice-rector in Zelarino:" Recently, I came to drive 8000 kilometers a year, 'says satisfied. It's also about the bike has done a pastoral tool. Don Igino Biffi, director of the Salesian Pastoral Youth for Triveneto, invented the bicycle company, a journey of a couple of weeks with children from 14 to 18 years, every year through various countries of Europe: a hundred kilometers per day for an experience that is above all formativa.Sui mountain passes. Favaro a priest, Father Paul SoCal for years led a parish in Venice, the Giudecca. But the location of the lagoon has certainly not prevented from cultivating his passion for cycling. "I have always went by bicycle, especially in the mountains" explains. The mountain passes them know how his pockets: "I have all the facts, and I was also on the Stelvio, the Zoncolan, that is traditionally the toughest stages of the Giro d'Italia. The most beautiful remains the great classic and that is the "lap of the four steps", Campolongo, Gardena, Sella and Pordoi. "What spectacle. Climb slowly and feel inside the mountain. " The beauty of the bike, Don SoCal, this is above all: "To feel one with the mountain, feeling within himself a great harmony, the breath, the muscles ... all goes together. " And in the years of youth don Paul also took the step of professional athletes. "I've never races, but I have trained with people who often ran seriously. Responsible for parishioners enthusiasts. The heir of don sports in SoCal diocese is certainly don Marco Scaggiante (pictured at center in a cycle). The pastor of 37enne vice Zelarino report with some 'satisfaction to be returned to the standard youth. 'I go back to 8000 kilometers a year. For some 'time, when I was in a parish Caorle, I had to leave by the bicycle. But now I have taken. " Responsible also for a group of dedicated Dese who often share his exit. "For reasons of time I have to move to an infamous, right after lunch, but only so I can keep training." With the bike racing regalatagli by some parishioners, Don Marco has tackled the mountain passes but has also traveled the "Camino de Santiago." The bike, in short, may even become an opportunity to go on pilgrimage. A "summer camp" on two wheels. Not only sporting passion, then. The Salesians, for example, advancing for some years a trip to Europe some sixty boys from 14 to 18 years, all strictly in the saddle to the bicycle, accompanied by some Salesians carry what has been called the Business Cycle. Berlin, Greece, Romania, France and Spain, Austria ... Each year a path and a different goal, always with the same objectives. "It 'an experience of life. Through travel, with the daily difficulties that are encountered, it is training, we know and obviously you experience authentic. In our travels - tells Don Igino Biffi - there is a large component of Providence. How many times we were hosted to sleep or we have found support in people encountered during our stages. The challenge is also to be able to make a group, to realize that only together we can overcome the difficulties. Find friends with whom to walk and have faith in him are not only focus dell'Impresa cycling, but in our own lives. "


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