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28/07/2009 - Pachioli and Ugo win the World Championship Barbecue

The President of the Veneto Galan "Events like hot Grids are a way to promote the quality of meat veneta and our excellence." Matteo Clerici © / - 27/07/2009 Pachioli and 'Ugo win the World Championship Barbecue 'ALSO READ * ? Mogliano Veneto (TV): Enogastronomy - Sunday June 21 the "hot Grids", the world championship barbeque * ? Enogastronomy Veneto - A "TIR kitchen and living room" is leaving for Berlin * ? "At the table, choose the Daunia" - Initiative to promote the typical products of Apulia Griss Two chefs in the province of Chieti, a triumph "Grills hot", the World Championship Barbecue, 2009 edition. Their triumph was consummated in the final Caorle (Veneto) before 20th000. The race was described and insaporital duo of "Striscia la Notizia", Moreno Morello and Cristiano Militello, and the 'charming Grabriela Barros, able to keep alive the' attention of the audience for 2 hours to race the event. A contendersi 130 couples the title of masters of the grid. In addition to 'Italy were represented Belgium, Sudan, South Africa, Austria, Argentina, Croatia, Cuba, Thailand, Bangladesh, Mali, Ethiopia, Albania, Tibet, Norway, India, Romania, Morocco, Santo Domingo. Winners, Pachioli Bernardino and Angelo d'Ugo, have overtaken the competition with a carpaccio with grilled watermelon, cut the glare of salt, brush chocolate Smoked. Their skill was awarded the first prize: 1 weeks holiday in Veneto, 50 bottles of wine veneto DOC, a''meat''Scrigno of 15 kg and a pack of Beer Dolomites. In second place, Mario de Piccoli and Eros Fagherazzi of Belluno, while third were classified Dino Alberto Trevisan and Bergamo. Dario and Stefano Bolzonella Bonaventure won instead of the Grid''Smile''for the couple most likeable, assigned dall'Assessorato of the Veneto Region of Consumer Protection Elena Donazzan. A Tiberio Furlan Piergiorgio Celotti and the prize went to''Grid''Km 0 to get exploited, the typical products of the territory. Grilles hot was sponsored by the Tourist Promotion Belle and Eastern Veneto Dolomites and has proved very effective vehicle for stimulate tourism in the Veneto, through the promotion of the territory and produce. Mr Galan Entuasiasta "Events like hot Grids are a way to promote the quality of meat veneta and our excellence: all quality products and certificates, ensuring maximum transparency and security for the consumer." Of the same opinion on his Deputy, Franco Manzato: "Our commitment is aimed at promoting food and wine together, culture and tourism to be considered. With events like the hot grids is achieved, thanks also to the spirit of goliardia and want to stay together that characterizes this evening. "The goliardia was a key element of the competition Participants competed all wear funny clothes and improbable: it it went from hippy-cooks, the men of the caves to historical personages, to the rediscovery of national costumes. A show that the public has shown to accept, along with the food tasted.


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