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21/06/2009 - Once the sixteenth Thiénot Cup

No new record but a lot of satisfaction between the parties to the XXXV Cinquecento Thiénot Cup, organized by the Circolo Nautico Porto Santa Margherita, in collaboration with 4 Marina and City of Caorle and Regione Veneto. Weather variables have accompanied the skipper along the 500 miles of the route : scirocco to same, twenty weak spots, but also a lump of bad weather which hit the smaller boats, remained behind the rest of the fleet, forcing them to retreat. The last boat crew is expected in the next few hours at Porto Santa Margherita, which is Exmeralda of Stingmare, Baldo by Hector at the helm. The lifts in the fleet has traveled many miles to compact, resulting in exciting match race between the boats with the same characteristics, followed directly by the site of the event thanks to satellite sensors. The victory compensated time in IRC went to duo caorlotto Paul Striuli / Roberto Scardellato sull'IMX38 Black Angel, first overall IRC X2 and first in class B. Great satisfaction for the couple, as commented skipper-owner Striuli "I am happy for this victory with Roberto, is the race of my town and since I was a child I dreamed of attending." "It 'been a challenging year for the conditions weather and the wind swinging "the echoes Scardellato" in several moments we were to conduct a match-race with X-Plosion and until the end we were not sure to snatch victory. The last day we have made continual changes of sails to gain positions. "Match-race class also between the two Felci 61 Alu Hagar and II, which while not participating in the same league, you are running in a tight duel. Of Alu Luciano Agostini (In Crew) was the first boat to return Caorle on the evening of Wednesday, while the good Stimpfl / Taddei have had to withdraw due to a fault. Starring un'avvincente race of the Farr 40 marinariello of Berti Brussa / Walter Gruden and Pogo 40 duo Slovenian / Swiss Alja? Jadek / Pierre Aeschlimann. IRC has checked marinariello first in X2 to cut the target of Caorle Thursday 18 June at 12:32:30 and first in Class A, while earns second place in Class 4 Free. In IRC Class A second place for the GS44 Are you a Diva of Ravenna Stefano Righini / Marco Gerbella, followed by the Venetians Beppe Bisotto / Fabio Brussa on Fast 42 Atama! recently launched. In Class B seconds bravi Massimo Juris / Giampaolo Rinaldo on Blucolombre, absolute winners of the recent 200X2, followed by X-Plosion Roberto Dall'Amico / Nicola Del Grano. The sixteenth Thiénot Cup race confirming a fascinating and challenging : Only 500 miles to sail in two are few, get to the finish line can already be considered a victory. The Organizing Committee is already working all'edizione 2010, which will become increasingly international, thanks to the presence of foreign crews of high-level, including some Class 40th awards The La Cinquecento Thiénot Cup 2009, together with those of the "little sister" The thirteenth century in May, will be held Saturday June 20 at 19th30 in Piazza Matteotti, in the heart of Caorle, prepared for the occasion with the means of the Harbor, the Guardia di Finanza, the Carabinieri, the Civil Protection and the Municipal Police, who have actively supported the organizers and will be available to the public to disclose safety issues. Many of the prizes that await the skipper. In addition to Thiénot magnum of champagne for the first three winners of each category IRC Alu Luciano Agostini has won the Trophy and Trophy MTS while marinariello, Hagar and BoxX have secured the Bluestar trophy, consisting of technical clothing for the skipper. will present an evening skipper Brussa Berti, who as leader of both races, will surely pass on the emotions of those of the long historical CNSM. IRC CLASSIFIES Absolute X2: Black Angel (Striuli / Scardellato) IN CREW Absolute: Alu (Luciano Agostini) CLASS A: 1. Marinariello (Brussa / Gruden) 2nd Are you a Diva (Righini / Gerbella) 3. Atama! (Bisotto / Brussa) CLASS B: 1. Black Angel (Striuli / Scardellato) 2. Blucolombre (Juris / Rinaldo) 3. X-Plosion (Dall'Amico / Del Grano) Standings, passages and news on the site


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