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New discoveries dell'Oasi Marina

A Caorle diving for tourists to discover leaf fish, dolphins, turtles. Five years of work have created an invaluable diving honor naturalist just one mile from the coast. It is now 5 years by the City of Marina dell'Oasi Caorle and early interventions to enhance and protect this very special marine environment. These early interventions have helped to create artificial reefs submerged at the bottom that put next to the outcrops of Tegnue were able to serve as shelter for fish species and protect the natural habitat. The presence of these structures for protection and warning; together to the protection guaranteed by the prohibition of fishing in recent years have seen a progressive increase of bio-diversity and quantity of fish: increased presence of organisms colonizing deep solid as sponges, tunicates and bryozoans; Balestra presence of Mediterranean fish, turtles, dolphins. Once again the presence of dolphins (Bottlenose Dolphin), in fact, within dell'Oasi Marina is a demonstration of the increase in juvenile fish. Caorle Sommozzatori The Group is also active in the recovery of sea turtles, which in collaboration with the municipal administration has as its objective the establishment of a monitoring center, recovery and cataloging of marine turtles. These reports are used to reward positive efforts made by various bodies that have believed in these initiatives Ambientali, first for the Region of Veneto, which established a Law to protect the marine environment, then the town of Caorle that is 'Managing body dell'Oasi Marina City of Caorle and established an office dedicated all'Oasi Marina for the creation of new marine-environment projects in Europe, with leading-edge projects Caorletesting marina. All this could be implemented through the voluntary contribution of members of the Group Sommozzatori Caorle, creator and supporter of the creation and development of the project. "We hope that initiatives like these be taken forward for many years. The increase of fish obtained in these years of work will benefit the local fishing world but especially to future generations of divers who will have the opportunity to see an unspoiled marine environment rich in vegetation as it was in the past, "is the hope Francis Guss volunteer divers and active protagonist in dell'Oasi Marina City of Caorle. Just a mile from the coast the Oasis Marina di Caorle is particularly suitable for use by divers and tourists. In addition to enhancing and protecting the environment over the past two years has also developed the tourist / dell'Oasi popular. Caorle can now boast a high level in view of diving tourism. Currently those who want to immerse nell'Oasi Marine can contact the municipality of Caorle, APTor Caorle Caorle Sommozzatori Group website or sending an e-mail to the responsible Buoso Diego.


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