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The countdown to the National Bersaglieri Rally scheduled for May in San Don & agrave begins. di Piave. More will come; of 50 thousand crimson flames from all over Italy. Thursday & igrave; January 25 at 20 will be & agrave; officially presented the path of the national meeting at the Zenit space of San Don & agrave; di Piave. There will be many stages of approach to the rally. Friday & igrave; February 23 at 9 am for the review Cinema d'autore, verr & agrave; presented at the cultural center of San Don & agrave; the film "We were". Sar & agrave; present the director Leonardo Tiberi. Thursday & igrave; April 26 at 9.15 am conference titled "Bersaglieri in the Great War" edited by the general Luigi Scollo, at the cultural center Leonardo: will be & agrave; delivered copy of the Italian Constitution to the students. From April 27th to May 27th two exhibitions will take place: at the San Don & agrave exhibition hall; exhibition on the Historical Museum of the Bersaglieri di Porta Pia in Rome; and then in the center Leonardo of San Don & agrave; the historical exhibition of the Great War. Friday & igrave; April 27th at 10:30 am at the Leonardo di San Don & agrave center; will take place & agrave; the official presentation of the national meeting. At 11.45 it will come; inaugurated the historical exhibition on the Great War. Saturday, April 28th at 4.30 pm will come; presented the book "Oltre il Piave", with the inauguration of the historical exhibition of Porta Pia. Friday & igrave; May 4 at 20.30 will be held & agrave; in the center Leonardo of San Don & agrave; the conference on the assault departments in the Great War by Massimiliano Ursini. Saturday, May 5 at 7 pm start of the running march & ldquo; The path of the heroes & rdquo ;, around the mandate of San Don & agrave ;. Sunday, May 6, 2018 at 9 cycling route between Piave Vecchia and Piave Nuovo. At 9 o'clock in Musile di Piave in Piazza 17 June there will be & agrave; the flag-raising of the rally. At 9.30 in San Don & agrave; di Piave in Piazza Indipendenza, new flag raising ceremony. From 8 to 11 May concerts at the Bersagliere Village in Piazza Rizzo in San Don & agrave; The Bersagliere Village opens in Piazza Rizzo. Verr & agrave; the Genius Pontieri di Piacenza's casting of the military bridge alongside the Ponte della Vittoria in San Don & agrave; Tuesday & igrave; May 8 at 11 am official presentation of the rally, at 8.30 pm concert "Cantiam la amor di patria & rdquo; at the Metropolitan theater Astra. The commission is established to determine the first prizes of the competitions for the students. Wednesday & igrave; May 9 at 10 am in the center Leonardo di San Don & agrave; award ceremony for students. At the 11 awards for the competition on the crimson display cases, this will be the case; reward the activities commercial that will realize themed showcases on the national gathering of Bersaglieri. At 8.30pm concert "When we were 100 years younger" at the Astra theater. Thursday & igrave; May 10 at 10 am presentation of the book on Aminto Caretto, at 5.00 pm presentation of the book "Bersaglieri in the World War", at 8.30 pm concert for peace at the Astra theater. Friday & igrave; May 11th at 9.30 am it will happen; the inauguration of the Italian army stands, in Piazza Rizzo, at 11 am & agrave; placed a sign at the San Don & agrave Fluvial Park; by the Genius Pontiers of Piacenza. At 11.00 the national medal collection arrives in Piazza Indipendenza. At 4.30 pm, postmark of the Piave 2018 meeting, several fanfare concerts. At 20.45 concert of the fanfare of honor in Piazza Indipendenza. Saturday May 12th will come; celebrated the Holy Mass in honor of the fallen of the Great War in the cathedral at San Don & agrave; At 10.15 am the shuttle bus to discover the great war memorials in the area. At 12 o'clock in Piazza Indipendenza in San Don & agrave; the Bersaglieri cycling patrols arrive, with a reception. At 4 pm festival "Music unites peoples". Following is the wise military gymnast of the Bersaglieri corps. At 8.45 pm it will be held & agrave; the Crimean evening with a final concert with the fireworks in the square. After the concerts of the fanfare of the municipalities of the territory will follow. Sunday, May 13th the big day of the parade. At 8 am and parade on the Victory bridge. At 6.00 pm the post-graduation in Piazza Indipendenza in San Don & agrave; and in Piazza 17 June in Musile di Piave.

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