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Motonautica: Caorle II Offshore Grand Prix and Endurance

Porto Santa Margherita still with the protagonist II Offshore Grand Prix and Endurance - Trophy Marina 4, which will be disputed Saturday 11 and Sunday July 12. Fourth round of the Italian Endurance and penultimate stage before the preliminary races, the issue organized by Circolo Nautico Marina 4, in conjunction with Yachting and Boating Club Nautico Santa Margherita looks hard fought. At the Venetian via water 15 crews Offshore Class 2 liter and 16 of the Endurance class. Among these, the great expectation for the craft of C11 Napolitain Testa / Testa, Offshore European Champions 2008 Class 2 and the C47 Roman Bertolacci / Baglioni, Campioni Italiani 2008. Endurance class starts among others, Orlando Giardina category Boat Prod, Roberto The Plan of the S1 and Gianni Riviera of B-Pro. The milestone of Port Saint Margaret will be international, thanks to a crew of English and one French. The show by the sea Caorle will be warranted for the public and tourists, who can follow the race through the path located a few miles from land. Craft Offshore Endurance and are able to offer excitement and adrenaline pilots this fascinating sport of water can reach 120 km / h. When it comes to offshore, we talk about competition in the open sea. Offshore boats are catamarans or monocarena with inboard or outboard motors and classes vary depending on the engine. The Endurance is a specialty athletic reserved to craft must monocarena even peneumatiche equipped with inboard or outboard motor, but strictly "derived from the series." Match Schedule II Offshore Grand Prix and Endurance - Trophy Marina 4, provides for the arrival of the team and boat dock Friday at the Marina 4, where will all the operations of lifting and launching. On Saturday, after the administrative and technical checks will be held the session of free practice in the mirror water between the lighthouse at Porto Santa Margherita and the Church of Our Lady dell'Angelo, from 11.00 to 13.00 for the Offshore and hours 15:00 to 17. 00 for the Endurance. The official start races Sunday 12th The 4th round of the Italian Institute of Endurance will be disputed at 10.30, followed at 12.00 by race Offshore, which is also valid for the title tricolor. The Marina Dock 4 is once again the stage for election of water sports and the organizational effort for this second edition was truly remarkable. The awards will be held Sunday July 12 at 14.00 at the parterre of Marina 4th


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