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Marco Paolini for the celebrations of the centenary of the birth of the Roman Pascutto

The Region of Veneto in LR No4 of 2006 - to promote events and cultural studies in commemoration of events and personalities that have marked, so relevant, the history of Veneto raising the prestige and image at regional, national and international - has made available financial resources and set up a "Regional Committee for the Celebrations of the first centenary of the birth of the Roman Pascutto" (from 1909 to 1982). On May 5 usThe Committee took office at the Town Hall of St. Stino in order to plan and to launch initiatives that, beyond the rituals and protocols commemorative celebration, confirm, for our illustrious citizen, the importance lies in the history of civil our community, but also and above all, more generally, in the literary, theatrical and artistic. The Committee is composed of the Regional Directors Stival Daniele, Carlo Alberto and Andrea Causin card and experts and scholars in the field: Mario Bernardi, who is the office of President, Antonio Daniele, Mario Pettoello, Ivo Prandin. The City of St. Stino is the Mayor Luigino Moro, President of the Municipal Council and the Lower Marcello 'Head of Culture Simonetta Calasso, the Veneto Region of the Secretary-General for Culture and Angelo Tabaro Dirigente Maria Teresa De Gregorio to act as Secretary and Treasurer. The Committee is also the grandson of Catherine Boccato Roman poet Pascutto. The calendar of celebrations, as a matter of definition, includes - at the beginning, Sunday, July 5, in Piazza Aldo Moro, the spectacle of Marco Paolini Par Vardar - Tuesday, July 7, at the churchyard of the parish church of the capital, Roberto Citran, accompanied by the musicians of the Fondazione Musicale Santa Cecilia, read some poems by the Roman Pascutto; - Wednesday, July 22, at the flood bed of the River Livenza, the Theater Company The goldoniana to repeat the poem Pascutto "The Gigia", - on 5 August in Forest Bandiziol S. Stino, Sandro Buzzatti and Gualtiero Bertelli, will perform in another work of Pascutto "Storia de Nane. In short, stressed the Head of Culture Simonetta Calasso will provide the final program, which provides among other initiatives, the publication of Volume 4 of the play of Roman Pascutto. This important occasion, continues lassessore, from capture to disseminate the figure of Pascutto and promoting their work outside the confines of our territory.


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