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14/09/2009 - League A: Reyer goes out, the derby goes to Treviso

The last time you were challenged was January 22, 1994. Reyer sat on the bench for the first time a young Frank Vitucci. Yesterday, 15 years later, the historic derby between Venice and Treviso has been living in the consolation final of the tournament Caorle.Il prediction, this time as then it was all for the Benetton and so it was: Venice holds three times , before sinking under the blows of Hackett and Hukic. Too heavy a lack of Maxwell, who was equal to that of home-nas Motieju Treviso, to try to embarrass good Benetton. Hackett is to remove the zero from the board, with 4 consecutive points to give the lead to Benetton. The defense works well on outdoor lagoon Treviso, still too warm for my hands hurt a Benetton gives a point per minute to the formation of the Lamb. The defensive pressure, however, cause problems Treviso Venetian attack, and the finale comes the first break, signed by a super Hackett, who with 5 consecutive points to put-in Treviso to close the first quarter on 20-10.After quarter of confusion, he finally sees also Reyer, which relies aun Allegretti particularly inspired every time he sees whites: the former shoe-claw by only 8 or call the lagoon in the wake of Treviso. By Martin Neal and totally divorced from the game, think about Wallace and Hukic burning re-tina Venetian, with a break that threatened the gap to a handful of seconds before the break. The growth of Treviso comes to coincide with the decline of Venice: Martin Hackett and place their triple that lead to most of white-green (48-33), but the replica of Venice and bombs in his captain's Cau-sin, which allows Reyer not to sink: is with the shot from outside the lagoon trying to hurt the green and white with Allegretti and Davis are free to punish the defense team trevigiana.La Dell'Agnello still arrives at -7, but is no match for the evening a huge Hukic which opens the new break Treviso that leads to partial turn of the new stretch Treviso-no: 70-53. Venice makes the mistake of lifting his hands from the handlebars too early, opening up vast grasslands used for counter-sinking the defense reyerina Treviso. Allegretti is the last to quit the house in Venice, and to put the icing on the cake of a perfect performance Gentile thinks the young man, with a cake of power begins to slide the credits on winning Treviso.


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