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International Festival of Street Theatre

The first week of September in Caorle is traditionally dedicated to the International Festival of Theatre Street, a major international theater festival held in the streets, and squares of the ancient city center, worthy of the stage performances that take place outdoors and in direct contact with the audience. The fifteenth edition of "La Luna nel Pozzo" takes place in Caorle in three days between Friday and Sunday, September 5, 2010. The event is among the most important of its kind in Italy, and is promoted by the Municipality of Caorle with the expertise of the cultural Arch Suspended loads of Padua, the sponsorship of the Veneto Region, the Province of Venice and ncia support of the Tourist Office of Caorle. The areas of Downtown interested in events which take place continuously from 21 hours and almost midnight are: Bishop's Square, Campo San Marco, Campo Negroni, Campo San Rocco, Campo of native and Piazza Matteotti. More than a dozen theater companies in these three days will offer a wide variety of topics in the street theater, acrobatics from the commedia dell'arte, from theater to dance eaters. And again, clowning, puppetry, dance and song. In essence: fun for all. Here is the full program: Friday, September 3, 2010 at 21. 00 - c ... company plan without?? - Bishop's Square (circus theater) - Eli ruyzuli destination moon - Campo San Marco (Acrobat) - teatrovivo Cosmicomiche - Field Neurons theater (commedia dell'arte) - About 238 road - Campo San Rocco (street theater) 1:30 2 hours: cie du mirador isse! - Piazza Matteotti (circus theater) 21:45 hours: companies envol distracted the Lac du Cygne - Golf Oriondé (clown) 22:15 hours: Eli ruyzuli destination moon - Campo San Marco (Acrobat) 22.30: approximately 238 road - Campo San Rocco (street theater) 22:45 hours: suspended load mechanicae - churchyard of the cathedral (dance theater) 23.00: company plan without c ...?? - Bishop's Square (circus theater) Saturday, 4 September 2010 21.00 - envol distracted the lac du Cygne - native range (clown) - duende freaks workshops in four quarters - Piazza Matteotti (puppetry) - drive Nardin ugo sanchez jr. - Campo San Rocco (clown) - About 238 road - Pope John Square (street theater) at 21. 30: teatrovivo Cosmicomiche - Field Neurons theater (commedia dell'arte) 22:00: c airline plane ... without that?? - Bishop's Square (Circus Theatre) 22.00: Eli ruyzuli Destination Moon - Camp or San Marco (Acrobat) 22.30: Theatre-eaters of the circus animals - Piazza Matteotti (puppetry) 22.30: about 238 road - Campo San Rocco ( street theater) 22:45 hours: theater worlds ay love! - Native range (theater song) 23:15 hours: Eli ruyzuli destination moon - Campo San Marco (Acrobat) Sunday, September 5, 2010 21.00 - theater worlds ay love! - Native range (theater song) - cie du mirador isse! - Piazza Matteotti (circus theater) - drive Nardin ugo sanchez jr. - Theater Field Neurons (clown) - Theatre-eaters of the circus animals - Campo San Rocco (puppetry) 21:45 hours: duende freaks workshops in 4 / 4 - Piazza Matteotti (puppetry) 22.00: mechanicae suspended loads - front of the Cathedral (dance theater) 22:15 hours: Finisterre continuous Theatre - Bishop's Square (grotesque) suspended loads mechanicae Artists [Italy] In the primitive el ement, detached from the ground to meets with her body, free from slavery gravity. and stop there. wait. to dream the flight of Icarus. Then again, back down and swim. hold your breath. Breathe. A dip reminiscent of a dream, or perhaps a dream that looks like the one dive. Jump up to find the sense of expectation: we belong to this land but we are always trying time and how to disengage. This show could be called the diving, but is not back down we dream. Cie du mirador isse! [Belgium] A show where you keep reciting the conflicting reports of a couple. Around a pole at center stage and using the sails, like a ship, the two artists dancing in the air. Acrobatics and juggling high-level ... so definitely put my head in the clouds. Road about 238 [Italy] show typical features of the A rt of the road, where the public is actively involved, becoming the protagonist of funny situations and unpredictable. It is suitable for situations on the road "and" tout public ". Alberto Longo and Nicoletta Carpenters decided to continue their training as a pair of hand-hand at the circus school "Zofy" of Zion. Nicoletta worked since 2006 with Alberto to design the company circo238. ... C company plan without?? [Italy / Belgium] Winner of the FNAS Shipyards street 2010 | by Luke and John Bolzan and Tresoldi. On stage a few things: cardboard boxes, a bin, a sidewalk ... two homeless meet in a corner. How you can have fun without possessions? John and Luke through balancing soft rope, Chinese acrobatics on pole, amazing transformations and very unusual manipulations give rise to situations that send drugs through laughter, many ideas for deeper reflection. companies envol distracted the lac du Cygne [Italy / France] Directorate of actor Michel Dallaire - directed pina Blankevoort - Patricia Rubinstein and Max Maccarinelli A dancer and his assistant are ready to begin the most famous ballet of all time: The Lake Swan. These two characters find themselves in situations increasingly delirious, in a surprising balance between growing comic stupidity, choreographers and improbable, embarrassments, arguments, delusions of omnipotence, romance, young and old exploits and twists. Le lac du Cygne "is a fast-paced show strongly clown essentially comic, almost visual (spoken in French and Italian in Italy and abroad). Theatre continued Finisterre [czech republic] It tells of a great journey, a mission, inspired by true events in the Czech lands in 1464, when a group of ambassadors went to the courts of Europe in order to convince the sovereigns to join in an alliance of peace and mutual support, a kind of prototype of the European Union. The frame is grotesque riders and horses of all depart improvised at the behest of the king, on a mission motivated by great ideals. Only the women stay at home. Ruyzuli Eli destination moon [Italy] The protagonist, who appears out of a silent film, depicts his vision of life, a dream space poised between earth and sky. Our mime air, romantic and demodée, riding strange bikes, depicts the adventures of the surreal and the comic, introducing them with signs as in the best tradition of the pantomime classic ... all under the patient gaze the Moon. guido Nardin ugo sanchez jr. [Italy] Hugo Sanchez Jr. is a musician, or at least seems to come on stage for a concert, but after a while you will find literally naked, protected by their instrument to tan that just enough to not offend anyone. From here begins a series of absurd adventures that bring him back in a "performative condition" acceptable ... Hugo Sanchez Jr. , Old school like a clown becomes the hero, or anti-hero and tender loser that behalf and on behalf of all exorcised that game handicap that is life. Duende freaks workshops in 4 / 4 [Italy] Winner Competition FNAS Yards 2009 The street has its unique imbonitrice marvels under her skirt / circus tent hides whatever his name is, namely: prodigies, miracles, miracles. The project that led to the creation of the show and some motion puppet animation techniques to create an exhibition inspired by the story of circus freaks. The atmosphere evokes the flavor of ancient eras fi than once, but the contents are decidedly contemporary. Theater worlds ay love! [Italy] With the Monica Camporese, Stephen Large, Tanja Horstmann, Angela Pezzi, Maria regos, Valmori director Renato Alberto Grilli. To sing and tell the love there are six characters on stage, the Guardian Angels that bring us to the themes of songs and thoughts that run through episodes before the eyes of the beholder as if they were glued on the album snapshots of photographers and their lives. The actors go up and down stairs that elevates them above the heads of spectators, wearing masks that show two-faced from time to time the face of the angel telling - or properties in the faces, the faces of dolls inanimate, almost grotesque in their fixity - Angels told in their lives. eaters theater circus animals [Italy] and Di Massimo Vitali. A musician who plays every evening to accompany the spectacle of the animals and tells the story alive by the very talented acrobat, circus dog, who one day decides to go looking for someone to love. Is not well, he feels lonely. Thus began the journey, and the dog is open to unexpected encounters and experiences in the world. But it is only when, after many adventures, he decided to return to the circus that finally finds a friend for life: a small flea. teatrovivo Cosmicomiche [Italy] and Di Luca and Christian Cairate Roccamare director Ted Keijser. Two artists wandering the theater no longer believe. A cart that took them around the world. What may come back the spark in these two players disillusioned? The answer lies in public, which, like magic, riinnesca the imagination of the two, which will take an hour to adults and children glued to their chairs going over all their comic repertoire. commedia dell'arte show able to keep adults and children glued to their chairs going over all their comic repertoire.


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