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Here is the 2010 Autumn Trophy

Here's the launch of the senior circuit of the wheels greasy after Veneto Cup now in its fourth edition, more than two dozen editions of the circuit before the Venetian lagoon now reality. A lot of news with the provinces of Vicenza and Padua new revenues, increase costs for federal offenders to be stopped for about ten years, increase the categories, also confirmed the jackpot money for the youth, the true pride of the circuit, not increases the cost of enrollment in the individual events, refreshments and prize increase in number and quality. In the face of the crisis would be to say, strong signal, where the movement continues to grow, thanks therefore to confidence in the new revenue and a disappointment for those who can not find more space or a tight schedule which is every Sunday in March at least two events industry leaders in the region. Eleven trials, the start will be September 5 with the new entrance to Selva Trissino in Vicentino with the feast of dumplings and organization of the VC. Vallortigara tower, which celebrates its 30th anniversary and the organization of the test cup final Italy Youth MTB, considerable effort thanks to the Secretary Bernardi strength of the province of Vicenza. The flagship of the circuit is left with the second test, the glorious and historic club Gaerne our host for the 2nd Xc of the Palladium with the historic Palladian Villa who opened the gates at the event, as the scene from the hills Asolani Veterans International of Italy and a pairing with a group and a senior circuit in the industry. The third round sees a youth group closely with the GS. Dopla of Dosson of Casier and his friend Sartorato committed to the promotion of youth, true pride of the province of the Marches, the promise for the fans in road safety seen some traits closely roads. Fourth test, here is the province with lagoon Noventa di Piave and Rampiclub with Archie and Bettarello in control room, and the scenery of the sacred river to the country (Piave) to host the test that can boast a record of participation in a regional xc (last average more than 400 test drives). The fifth trial sees a circuit between the brave with the banks to do the Livenza by real roughness (try to believe) and the impeccable organization of the Green Pearl of Clementi and Bigaran for the oratory of the families of St. Stephen hosting the event in St. Stino Livenza. Here is the just and deserved sleep of youth with the sixth round, here we are on earth and G. Rodigini Fund Adria: Up and down the ditches par with the organization of Tuttinbici of Adria, as well as proven catering, pardon, lunch, more surprises out of the hat of the magician Giribuola that never stops to amaze, especially for the commitment and the will to reproduce the G Fund, tied to the park of the Po river deltaBy the seventh round enters the province due to the hills Hills, think for many years the province Patavina not to organize a mountain bike test under the tutelage of Federciclismo, so here you will direct the team's disease and collaboration with his friend Colò with Valsanzibio and the classic circuit of Frantoio, coupled with the strong point this year tied to the circuit of Venice, well done I must say if you do not wish a good start Federale. Eighth round of the circuit reduces the cross with the youth cup final Italy Caorle hosting us and the track of the Standing Sportyland with the generous and hospitable family Daffinà, a really great track extreme weather permitting, Ca Allied is already 'warm up' the chimney for the lunch offered to all participants. The ninth round saw the FPT industries to move the date, firmly convinced that increasing the number of athletes that are home to some edition in the 'late' in November, the final proof laments the number of participants but the numbers remain the leader: 700 meals, breakfast buffet heated tent theater with dressing rooms and hot showers (all) many Big, awards the most consistent and the surprises do not end, think of a preview, is already working on an alternative path with real artificial humps and ...... I can do is come and see us at St. Mary of room at the azianda leader in CNC milling machines in S. Maria di Sala Gabriele Piccolo with the sporty, small only in name, big as a sportsman and entrepreneur, thanks for your confidence. The penultimate round sees the circuit between the older the forest, the forest north and the River Brenta a frame a beautiful picture, a bit 'hidden if we fly tested but definitely the first great painters signature sees the former amateur and blue track Ermanno Alessandra Baldini with the club and the direction of his friend Ferro. Returns as a last test and we will host for the G.finale the fraction of common Cavarzere: Rottanova, okay organizing Tuttinbici of Adria but all credit is due to a citizens committee certainly unique in the genre, led by volcanic Garbin, with a few noble souls to sample several organizational staff, circuit on the floodplain of the Adige and the proceeds boy (the two rivers that enclose this small town) with one of the richest awards and a track that sees a gold album with the best signatures of the national scenario of fat wheels, with the resultthe hardest test of the circuit. After the rapid presentation of the 11 going to submit new evidence regarding the technical part, as many as 14 categories with the addition of 6 Masters and division between the Elite and Under, reconfirmed the trophies Mauro Santelli companies and Fabio low for plurivincitore circuit, not yet confirmed the sponsors that come with the support of the pedals of Mark and some newcomers that we will soon plenty of space, the secretariat collaborates with the component ofNational Commission on Beppe Clementi great soul of the circuit.


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