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Grids that hot passion!

Summer vacation time, sun, outdoor picnics and barbecues. Just for all lovers of ribs and salamella summer 2009 also gave an appointment absolutely do not miss: "Grids hot", the world championship of barbecue. A culinary event with an international production, but "made in Italy" which opened Saturday June 21 in Belluno, continued Saturday 28 to Milan and will continue July 11 with the third stage in Villach in Austria on 11 July to end with the grand finale on July 23 Caorle. An appointment and traveling very stuzzicante now reached its fourth edition, which is renewed after its success last year, which saw the participation of 280 pairs of non-professional cooks from 80 countries, with over 30 thousand spectators. Samples in office who are from Morocco, now must defend itself from 129 pairs challengers from around the world from Germany to 'Argentina, from China to Togo, from Sweden to Australia ready to sfodera every trick, both culinary and choreographed for win the jury and win the trophy. For the 2009 edition is the prospect of doing even better this is why the organization decided to expand the number of stages. For the first time "Grills hot" comes from the borders of Veneto, where he was born, to arrive in Sydney and cross over to Austria. The first two appointments dell'edizione 2009 confirmed the success of the event: hundreds of steaming racks, hundreds of amateur chefs from around the world who challenge for the title of King of the grill offering delicious dishes based on grilled meat. And the challenge that will live as yet missed two evenings: Saturday July 11 at 11:00 am Haupt Platz in Villach (Villach Stadtmarketing inscrições the phone. 0043.04.2446600, e-mail or directly to the field of competition, finals, Thursday July 23 at 21 on the seafront of Levante Caorle (enrollment from July 5 to IAT Caorle, Liburnia of Calle 16, tel. 04.2181085 or directly to the field of competition. The winners of the intermediate stages will end a week of vacation in Veneto, a chest of 10 kg meat, 50 bottles of wine veneto, the runners-a trove of meat from 8 kg to 25 bottles of wines from Veneto, the third labeled a casket meat from 5 kg and 15 bottles of wine. The winner of the final will have a week's holiday in Veneto, a chest of meat from 15 kg and 80 bottles of wine; The second prize consists of a chest of meat from 10 kg and 50 bottles of wine, and the third prize will receive a treasure chest of meat by 7 kg and 30 bottles of vino.Il time to tender for all participants is set at 40 'and the dish will be judged by a jury, headed by chef Franco Favaretto, on the basis of four criteria: cooking, taste, presentation of the dish and fantasy competitors Chefs. For more information and reservations are requested to click on the official site of


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