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16/10/2009 - Good for eighth place in the finals Cus Cariparma U23 Gold

It concludes with a good eighth place this triumphant season for the teams of CUS Cariparma Athletics. A place that's U23 women's team to the finals of the Gold Cup Company, which is added to the 6th place team in Italy Cadet, 5 ° the team to the finals Absolute Gold Caorle and even the 3rd place in the final Top Challenge, the team always absolute. 4 times in the first eight in Italy, in all categories, show the value of the movement of CUS Parma. The under 23 team, coordinated by Walter Cino, declined to Caravaggio with few defections and Case Rules, the impossibility to field two students, Amber and Gloria Gatti Robuschi, which could lead to important questions. All in all races, no victory has smiled on the athletes of CUS Cariparma, but well 3 were the squares of honor won. Giorgia BENECCHI, Flavia Severin and Silvia Tornaghi took the silver medal in Parma, overcome, as predictions, athletes leader in Italy in their respective categories. Giorgia's pole vault 3.90, yet another excellent test of a long and important season, surpassed dall'azzurra Scarpellini. Flavia instead launched the weight of 13.91, missing the sharp that it could perhaps even lead to victory. Silvia instead stands on important measures, after the 1. 4th place with 76 races CdS Gold Caorle. A Caravaggio, jumped 1.70 at the first attempt fails and 76 meters, then watches the flight of young Vallortigara, hovering at 1.85. On the podium, the tough sale even Malugani Celestina, the first year juniors and first year of militancy in the CUS Cariparma. The athlete coached by Sergio bitch with a closed test spirited in 3rd place the 3,000 steeplechase in time of 11'41 ", taking 10 precious points in the bag of CUS Parma. Also demonstrated a spirit of sacrifice covering the race of the javelin with 35.30 where he won the 8th place. Just off the podium instead Erika Poli, the disc is still a good 4th place with 41.79, very close to bronze, and then place it 9th in the hammer with 31.57. Rather long sequence of seventh place: Aurora Veniero in the 100 meters (12 "53, also the 9th place in the 200 with 25" 88), Claudia Galbignani in the triple jump (11. 32), Giulia Pasini in 800 (2'19 ") and 1500 (4'58"), in the 4x100 composed Campari, Toschi, Galbignani and Veniero (49 "58). 8 ^ place instead for the 4x400 relay, with Sfulcini, Malugani, Pasini and Toschi (4'07). From record the 9th place of Martha Toschi in the 400, 10 ^ by Clare Sfulcini in 400h, and evidence of Naomi Zenobi in the 5 km march, Francesca Rubaldo in 100h, Maria De Renzi in 3000. At the end, victory, yet another of Fondiaria Sai Rome, with the CUS Cariparma to 2 points only since 7 ^ place. But, definitely, it just as well.


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