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23/03/2010 - Gone, the staff of Joseph Gonella opens the 2010 edition of Phadia Murgan

Part Saturday, March 27, 2010 the eleventh edition of Phadia Murgan, an exhibition devoted to contemporary visual culture Treviso, This year the exhibition, housed in the former church of St. Anthony in Badoere of Morgano, continues the line of research on the work of young authors who are turning out in major national reviews. To begin with the first show is Joseph Gonella, one of the most interesting young artists from the national scene painting. On show a selection of recent works of the author, all large. In these works there is a dense texture and visual takeover of marked values perspective. The composition unfolds in ravines visual outline of the atmospheres in the balance between reality and the magic of everyday life in which you mix evocations of nearly lyricism. The painting is certainly iconic array, but fail to lead to a rigid structure marked. While paying attention to visual construction and the emergence of the composition, the depiction becomes free and harmonica. Dominating the scene is a dynamic sense, which leads to avoid a structural formalism. The work is based on an apparent contradiction: a sense of multiplicity of elements dominated by a hypothetical after chaos that comes together in a global architecture to create a visual narrative finale. Figure apathetic overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle is the vision of a man at times vulnerable. Slag, wrecks and shells are the effigies of many personal stories intimately enclosed in single element. The surfaces are painted buttons, vital in a flurry of objects that float in the air. Reconstruction work of visual metaphor in which the wind is right at the forefront of the becoming of things. Works in which the color is as strong and direct, clear and strong presence in the area of eighteenth-century churches. You create a dialogue between the white walls, but still features, the sacred and the shades of the painter. Even at the end of this year's festival, which will continue in the fall with two other exhibitions, will be published a catalog that gathers images of works and productions made for Phad Murgan 2010. Joseph Gonella was born in Motta di Livenza on 11 December 1984. In 2008 he graduated from the painting course taught by Prof. Carlo Di Raco Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice. He lives and works in San Stino of Livenza and Venice. He has exhibited his works in numerous group exhibitions in famous locations emphasizing in particular the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice, Hockney Gallery, London; Bluetenweiss, Berlin; the Assab One and the Permanente, Milan; to Am Roten Hof, Vienna. He also set personal exhibitions in major venues in 2009: the Changing Role Wanderig Stuff in Rome and Personal, Palazzo San Pasquale in Venice (the Biennale exhibition in Venice).


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