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Fourth edition of the Veneto Cup MTB Cross Country

Here we are launching the fourth edition of the Veneto-Cup XC circuit that together with the Autumn Trophy will characterize the 2010 season for the wheels fat. The promotion of youth, pride of the circuit remains the main goal degl'organizzatori. Ten tests, the opening in the ground Vicentina with the new entry in Carré March 21 and the organization of Bikers For Ever, ending on 26 September in Noventa di Piave in Venice, with the 7th Trofeo Città di Noventa di Piave and the organization of Rampiclub. Ben 16 Categories categories, with particular attention to under 23, young people often 'obscured' by Elite, but to be protected to ensure a future of quality to the movement, also confirmed the prize money, as federal rules for the youth category, who do not pay any fee, their number, already considerable in past editions, should be devoted to a further increase. Does not change the registration fee, which remained stationary at 10 euros, provided refreshments, showers, bike wash and prize giving at least the first 5 in each category, the gadget enrollment remains optional, an example to the 'greats' organizers G. Fund where the youth movement is not expected. We talked about 10 trials, with 2 tests of difference, and 2 new entries: Carre (Vi) and Nevegal (BL). Are inserted in the circuit including the regional championship agonist-lovers expected May 1 in Farra di Soligo (TV), regional youth league planned July 4 in Conegliano (TV) and the top class of Torre di Mosto (VE) which will run May 16. There's no denying that wants to renew a Venetian focusing on young people but without forgetting its 'master' that until now has given us great satisfaction, but there will be no time to get off the bike will leave the trophy the Autumn, the oldest car of the movement, I assure you not feel the burden of age and promises 'heaven and earth', I close with this bar waiting for us in the fields of competition. Thanks for coordinating the council and athlete Treviso Furlanetto, with the secretariat of Fiorito and Clementi, certain to be a point of reference for companies and young people involved in the Olympic sport of Cross-Country, the true lifeblood for the movement of the Mountain Bike . The protagonists of the circuit sees its first two editions of the success of Alexander the Fountain of Forestry, while in 2009 the real hero was the warmest Trevigiano Nicola Dalto, an athlete under the team Olympia cycles of Padovano, author of a historical trips with Circuit Serenissima Veneto Cup and the Autumn Trophy. For numbers, the third edition sees the youth with an average of 60 athletes to test, while among those who love it will exceed 300, the largest category is that of master 3 with over 400, followed by the M4 and 5 with 325, among companies the most numerous, thanks to the youth remains a Victoria bike with over 240 appearances, followed by Rampe Club and Bike Club 2000. The majority sees participation Noventa di Piave, followed by Farra di Soligo, Eraclea and Conegliano each with numbers above 300. This is the final calendar of the fourth edition of the Veneto Cup 2010. CATEGORIES The categories are: Beginners mf, mf Cadets, Junior mf, Under 23, Elite m., open F, Elite Sport, Master 1, Master 2, Master 3, Master 4, Master 5, Master 6 and beyond. SCHEDULE 21-Mar CARRE 'VI XC CITY' CAREERS 'ASD BIKERS FOR EVER 18-Apr ERACLEA VE 14 ° LAGUNA BIKE ASD THE PEARL OF GREEN 25-Apr Collalti SUSEGANA TV 18 ° GIRO DELLA TORRE UC THE AREA OF 01-May FARRA TV AMATEURS SOLIGO CAMP.REG.AGONISTI BETWEEN THE TOWERS AS THE SAN MARTIN 16-May Torre di Mosto VE TOP-CLASS 4 ° TROPHY IN THE TOWER ASD VELOCIRAPTOR 30-May S. STIN LIVENZA VE Sportyland TOUR OF ASD Sportyland 02-Jun VALDOBBIADENE TV 12 ° Mionetto TROPHY ASD SC Mionetto 04-Jul CONEGLIANO TV CHAMPIONSHIP REGIONAL JUVENILE GPCITTA ° 11 'Di Conegliano ASD CONEGLIANO BIKE TEAM 25-Jul NEVEGAL BL XC NEVEGAL ASD BETTINI BIKE CUP TEAM 26-Sep raw shellfishes VE 7 ° Trofeo Città 'Noventa di Piave ASD MTB RAMPICLUB


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