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For nasti starting grids for hot 2009

Back "hot Grids", world championship barbeque supported by the Veneto Region, produced by Angelo Ideeurpee and Striuli, sponsored by the Tourist Consortia Belle and Eastern Veneto Dolomites with the aim of conquering the tourists having fun and taking literally by the throat, with the tasty quality of beef steaks and Veneto wines of Denomination of Origin of the region more hospitable to Italy. And if last year the event was attended by itinerant enogastronomic 280 pairs of non-professional cooks from 80 countries, with over 30 thousand spectators, for the year 2009, the outlook is much higher numbers. "For the first time" Grills hot "comes with two stages from the borders of Veneto - announced the Vice-President of the Regional Franco Manzato in presenting a Mogliano the event this year -" landing "in Milan and Villach in Austria, a city representative of the national tourism and foreign choosing Veneto ill as destination for their vacation. " Manzato was flanked by the President of the Consorzio di Promozione Turistica Belle Virginio Piccin Dolomites, Belluno hosting the first stage, the vice president of the Consorzio di Promozione Turistica del Veneto Orientale Silvana Trevisan, who host the final on the eastern beach Caorle, and by the President beef producers of the North East> (Unicarve) Barbisan Fabiano, who will provide the beef veneta: a tasty and guaranteed product, obtained from the farming of calves facts specialized breeds grow feeding of local corn and other agricultural regions. Grilles hot in 2009 will start Sunday 21 June at 20.00 in Piazza Martiri Belluno (inscrições from June 10 to Belluno IAT, Piazza Duomo 2, tel +390437940083, or directly to the field of race). Follow the stages of Sunday, June 28 to 12 in Milan, Parco Forlanini (entries directly to the field of race), and on Saturday July 11 to 11 in Haupt Platz of Villach in Austria (entries from 1 July to Villach Stadtmarketing +43042446600 or Stadtmarketing @ or directly to the field of race). The final will take place as usual in Caorle Thursday July 23 to 21 on the seafront of Levante (enrollment from July 5 to IAT Caorle, calle delle Liburnia, 16, tel. +39042181085 Or directly to the field of race). The first three pairs ranked in the initial stages of the right to attend the final Caorle, along with competitors of the evening. In any event, the winners of the intermediate stages will be a weekend vacation in Veneto, a chest of 10 kg meat, 50 bottles of wine in the Veneto DOC, the runners-a trove of meat from 8 kg to 25 bottles of wine Veneti DOC; to a third party casket labeled beef from 5 kg and 15 bottles of wine in the Veneto DOC. The winner of the final will have a week's holiday in Veneto, a chest of meat from 15 kg and 80 bottles of wine Veneti DOC, the second prize consists of a chest of meat from 10 kg and 50 bottles of wine in the Veneto DOC and the third prize will receive a treasure chest of beef by 7 kg and 30 bottles of wine in the Veneto DOC. The casket of the meat is a proposal for Unicarve that, in agreement with some of the distribution chain (for now the province of Treviso), is offering consumers packages of fine cuts of meat certified at an average price below 10 euros per kg. Registration as a competitor grills hot provides payment of 50 euros per participant pair (one captain and an assistant), which will be the kit for the evening (the cost, the Veneto DOC wines, mineral water, an apron, a hat and a tshirt each) and a gas grill on which they will prepare the dish. The time for competition is set in 40 minutes and the dish will be judged by a jury, headed by chef Franco Favaretto, on the basis of four criteria: cooking, taste, presentation of the dish and fanciful competitors. Each of the first three stages may enroll 50 pairs, while the final will house 130 pairs of chefs and will be animated by the envoys of Striscia la Notizia Cristiano Militello and Moreno Morello. "The international race - concluded Manzato - is the intense program of promotion and enhancement of the Veneto region and as we are building in Italy and all over the world to attack the tourist market and overcome the crisis."


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