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12/07/2010 - EXHIBITION OF ROBERTO Polita

Saturday, July 17, 2010 at the Civic Center plaza Bishopric Caorle, 19.00 held the inauguration of the exhibition of Robert Polita. Impressions of water routes of emotion ", promoted by the Municipality of the City of Caorle. The exhibition will remain open until Tuesday, July 27 at the following times: daily from 19.00 to 23.00 on Sundays also from 10.00 to 12.00. The water of the lagoon, canals and rivers of this land is the striking theme of this exhibition, together with color. It is "the color of the element that constructs the suggestion works Polita is the color that makes sound, deep and intimate, to compose poetic harmonies fon you serenity to the viewer, is the color that in its presence-absence on the canvas becomes the prince of light. And the water, already a valued reference in the impressionist tradition Polita was bound to affinity, the artist identified a valuable laboratory light dynamic becoming, as the turn of the day on which the easel en plein-air painting precisely, in the Lower Piave, between marine and Caorle Eraclea, Venice, Capri and Paris, where he lived the nineties most of the year. " In these impressions of water and pathways of emotion "the art of Robert Polita is revealed in the history of his own sign, atmospheres and soft pastel, the allure of eco Candiani and De Pisis, passing through the lesson of the Impressionists, port to a different section, paste and embracing, winking to post-Impressionism and the Fauves. From rarefied atmosphere, characterized by a sign dry and light, delicate and sometimes as g essetto people playing the same bright ideas of the support, it gradually changes color to use more material, that following the process of synthesis of form, extends backgrounds in large, enclosed by secure lines. Crucial in this regard was the Parisian experience that through the intense atmosphere of the Atlantic skies el'ennesimo metamorphosis in comparison with another landscape of water, modified the palette Polita and strengthen the constructive tone and the same value of color. The delicate shadings in the first period of the artist create the magic of its waters for a process that removes color (not using it as light, but the "emptiness" of support), leaving room for progressively burning brush in a new bouquet color fully cover the canvas: this latter stage of its production actually announced a new starting point of his art, interrupted by the sudden and tragic death of the artist in 2009. "


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