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We are reaching the end of August and the City of Caorle continues to offer to visitors and residents an intensive program of events. Recall first that Bafile at the Cultural Center, located in the historic heart of the city, is an open exhibition of paintings dedicated to Caorle Giancarlo David to continue until Sunday, October 3. The second exhibition, opened in the same new facility is dedicated to the American writer Ernest Hemingway, Nobel Prize for literature. This collection of images that portray the writer in his frequent passages in the Veneto region, ends Sunday, August 29 with a visit to the house in the valley lagoon of Caorle. Reservations for access to one of the most beautiful places of the lagoon can be made by contacting the Information Office of the City of Caorle. Another exhibition is open in the Civic Center plaza Bishopric. The staff of Nico Callegher continue until later this month with access times from 18 to 23 hours. Thursday, August 26, in the nearby Piazza Matteotti and starting at 18, the editors conclude the Veneto "Books at km 0" a series of events which were held every constant since the first week of July, and designed to promote the dissemination of books and reading pleasure. An initial review of this cultural event is certainly positive, given the frequency of visitors, especially of Italian tourists who were able to buy books on regional issues, culture and traditions of Veneto, in addition to specific volumes on the history and images of Caorle. Definitely edible are the events that take place Thursday, August 26 in Duna Verde, Caorle village, with the "Pig", which proposes three bulls spit, cooked from the very first hours of the morning to be distributed to tourists and residents from 19 to 23, the evening will be accompanied by the band's music "Condo 60. And that of Saturday, August 29 Caorle, Viale Santa Margherita starting at 20, with "Mangiapizza" a race for lovers of pizza and organized by Baka Caorle. The proceeds from the evening will go to charity, for any information you may call the telephone number 0421.81749. In the evening of Saturday, August 28 appointment signals a new stage. The arena of Piazza Veneto at 21, the Company "Trentamicidellarte" of Villatora of Padua in a classic Venetian theater scene: "Il Campiello" by Carlo Goldoni. Approaching in September we enter the period of the Marian processions, so dear to Caorle community. Already saba to 28 August, the Pro Loco of Caorle inaugurates works restructuring island of Our Lady Fisherman and the Madonna and Child on the island of Canal Lovi. That same Saturday, August 28 officially started the feast of Our Lady of the Angel that five finds its center in the ancient sea procession of Sunday, September 12. The prelude to Saturday, August 28 is the start of the statue of the Virgin of the Sanctuary of the sea to the parish of St. Bartholomew Brussa.


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