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E 'nato Circuit 1000 Miles

An evocative name for a new circuit which meets four historic and charming long-distance races, along routes that will carry the more adventurous sailors through the most enchanting scenery of the Adriatic, racing over the 2010 to one thousand miles in all. Three circles organizers, the Club Nautico Santa Margherita di Caorle, Club Nautico Trieste Mermaid and the Yacht Club Adriaco of Trieste, with a common vision of offshore races and a willingness to give space to those sailors, more and more numerous, express desire to try their hand at adventure and challenge, as only long-distance races can be. The 1000 miles is the sum of the thirteenth century Lombardini Cup races (200 miles), the 500 Thiénot Cup (500 miles), the Trieste-Brion-Trieste (130 miles) and the Trieste-San Giovanni in Pelago-Trieste (90 miles) but is also a new philosophy of sailing the high seas, both crews and couples of skipper. The racing circuit, the first of its kind designed in Italy, will be followed in real time thanks to the satellite detectors installed in the airplane or via the website dedicated, both sites of circles organizers. The idea of joining these competitions into a single circuit has come to Berti Bruss, sailors from Trieste, in the aftermath of his triumph in the 500 pair with Walter Gruden Thiénot Cup 2009. "Walter and I have lived an exciting experience," he told the sailor to return to Porto Santa Margherita "We are tired but excited and we would be ready to sail to make as many miles!" The path is assigned to the thirteenth century Lombardini Cup you will play May 21 to 23 along the route Caorle-Grade-Susak return. The thirteenth century was born in 1994 in the wake of the success of 500x2. Initially intended to be a version "a shorter route, aimed at those owners who wanted to live the adventure of a long race but in less time. In short, the formula has proved successful, so that the thirteenth century has become a race to himself continent, with a departure from that of the separate "sister." The average time taken is about 28/32 hours, the best so far recorded is that of loading Mucillaginerosa (200 as a crew in 2008). From June 20 to 26 will be the turn of the historic 500 Thiénot Cup, the thirty-sixth edition. Established in 1974, the 500 Thiénot Cup (then 500x2), was the first long-distance double-designed in Italy. Over the years, the race has grown and its reputation in the Italian and international sailing scene is due to both participants and commitment to the prestigious location. Provides coverage of 500 miles, from Caorle Tremiti Islands, through the Croatian island of Susak. The record to beat is the pair of Marche-Paniccia Capecci on Calypso IV, in 2008, after eleven years since the last record of the brothers Rizzi, took sun 67H 36 '34'', at an average speed of 7.4 knots, to cover the distance. After the summer break, the competitors will move into the Gulf of Trieste, for two races of great charm and tradition. On 3 and 4 September will take place on the Trieste-Brion-Trieste, organized by the Club Nautico Trieste Sirena since 1984. The route of about 130 miles offers attractive setting and a navigation system that finally reaches the goal, found in the Brijuni islands unspoiled paradise, an oasis of harmony between man and the worlds of flora and fauna. Here there are about 700 species of plants and 250 species of birds. L 'archipelago of 14 islands, is located on the southwest coast of Istria near Pula. The boats, after reaching the archipelago, will re-route to Trieste. Over the years several sailors from Trieste, Slovenes, Croats, Austrians have chosen to grapple with this fascinating competition. The first victory was to Borascura, followed by other boats that have written their name in gold, including hurricanes (1989), Red Angel (1996 and 1997), TuttaTrieste (2000), Veliki Viharnik ( 2001) and Cattivik (2003). On 17 and 18 September will be kicked off the forty-ninth Trieste-San Giovanni in Pelago-Trieste Adriaco the Yacht Club. The regatta, which opens the International Sailing Week, was run the first time in 1961 and since that day has not changed its winning format. The start is given at night at 22.30, right in front of Piazza Unità d'Italy, the " parlor "of the city. From there, braving the bora dark or staying calm in the lurch for hours, the fleet falls across the Istrian coast until it reaches the height of Rovinj. The circumnavigation of the rock of St. Giovanni in Pelago characterized by the presence of the lighthouse and miles to go non-stop, are the two qualities that have given rise spontaneously nicknamed "Little Fastnet Adriatic." The record haul is up to Amer Sports, helmed in 2002 by Furio Benussi, which took 8 hours and 54 minutes, maintaining an average of almost 10 knots. The fleet of participants in the 1000 circuit miles will be divided into two clusters, as a crew (minimum 3 people), X2 (2 people). To be admitted to the final standings of the circuit, each boat must attend at least three of the races scheduled in the same grouping. The award ceremony will take place Saturday, September 25th at the Yacht Club Adriaco in Trieste, at the closing ceremony of the race in the Trieste-S.Giovanni Pelago-Trieste.


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