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Durello Day 2009: All ready for happy hour in the summer Baia Blu

This Saturday July 11 at the Blue Bay of Caorle, between music and merriment, the expected hundreds of teenagers to drink only with bubbles of autochthonous Lessini Durello. From the mountains to the sea and the sea to the mountains because, after all, the marine origin can be seen still, today, between a bubble and another. This is the basic motivation of Durello Day 2009, the event devoted solely to bubbles native of Verona and Vicenza, to be held this Saturday at the Blue Bay Caorle, beginning at 18.00. After the important results for the Verona-Vicenza name found in the tenth edition of the Selection of wines from fish in the Marche, with the gold medal for the Monti Lessini Sparkling Durello 2006 Fongaro - class white classic method sparkling - go with a loud voice in home Lessini Durello the call of the sea for an appointment taste undoubtedly summer. Mindful of the success of the previous edition, this year the beaches Venetian taste the bubbles native of Verona and Vicenza during a happy hour sparkling and carefree as the Durello. Back then the successful liaison between the young and Lessini Durello in "version costume bath ", launched in this preview from Verona Fiere who chose this sparkling wine at the Venetian Vinitaly for you Gran Guardia in Verona in April. The Durello, produced by Durella, autochthonous grape berry white wine is a young, fresh and fruity with its moderate alcohol content ensures a taste for conviviality without the excesses that are taking the pleasure of being together. For his pleasure this wine does not pass unnoticed as Charmat as a Method in the Classic. Extracts and body are never over the top and make the appearance of a white light, and slender as an excess of flesh could remove his distinctive gesture, almost aristocratic. A good opportunity to raise awareness of these productions also to neighboring house, strong of recent successes in Verona Wine Top in 2009 between the Company Marcato with his Lessini Durello classic method sparkling Brut 36 months.


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