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Crazy idea Diener

Palace in the shadow of the statements made by Shan Foster are taking bench in the last hours, with the fans who remained from astounding absurd sentences handed to a player from the Dallas newspaper. But Foster to find visibility has been shown to have only to appeal to the imagination, because obviously in the U.S. its bankruptcy in the season Belpaese did not pass unnoticed. We know, however, that the mother jerks is always pregnant, so we believe that Foster must now more than ever to go into oblivion in a city, a Swiss and a stage full of basketball such as Italian, although in many cities are to hope for a return by the opponent of Foster PalaMaggioò, perhaps to salute properly and to give directly the whistles and insults those who, civilly, during the year have been spared. By archiving these absurd statements then it must be said that yesterday afternoon was back in Caserta Claudio Coldebella, which in these days more than once had occasion to meet with the Caorle and Sacripanti Oidoini. The ds will retain a few days in town to start a program with the precampionato Lubrano. Ds of the cell will continue to be hot, however, because, as it should be, day after day you get closer to a July which promises to be hot. The President Caputo and Coldebella meanwhile are continuing to seek a solution to the business in Michelori, but the feeling is that we really can go to the wall against the wall. The player has no desire, despite the declarations of the façade of the employment decline in conspicuous manner, while against Caputo is losing patience. The seemingly inevitable trial of strength but who knows if it will lead to something good, because Michelori could be, as it was last year, a value added for Juve, but on condition that it is not a handicap in the process of construction of new roster. This is now convinced Caputo and all its shareholders of Juve, but will probably have to be convinced of the good Michelori and his attorney. As regards the new grafts already rumors Drake Diener could really affect the Juve of Sacripanti. The guard, with good reason, and also like so much and it is inserted into the classic shopping list. Conversely, there is the fact that Caserta auctions do not mean to anyone and do not want to wait indefinitely decisions. That is probably Diener, player indisputably first band, it might remain just a half-summer, as well as could become even D'Ercole. The former Livorno and Udine in recent days has been somewhat 'everywhere and we have appointed first purchase Virtual Juve, but in the last hours has become possible to also track Sangaré, play with Milan who have a year's contract but that certainly will away from Lombard city. Sacripanti in these hours is evaluating the two hypotheses, also not neglecting the fact that the link with the Olympic Sangaré could lengthen the time and, as is well known and road, what Pezza of nuts is never acceptable. Finally sotto le planche everything is obviously linked to Michelori, but in the minds of Sacripanti is a dream Crosariol. Able to bring in bianconero, however, is really a chimera, because talk about the latest in return for all purposes in the Capital after the summer season in Irpinia. The Pepsi from his point of view can only wait and continue to make its market regardless of the dreams and objectives, knowing that today Crosariol is only a dream and that the priorities, at least for the moment, are very different.


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