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Countdown to the XXXIII Warsteiner - Caorle

Countdown to the XXXIII Warsteiner sixteenth edition of the Cup, the race that every year puts to the test the tempers of sailors in the long-Caorle Sansego-Tremiti Islands and back. Departure 17 Sunday, at 15, facing the coast of Caorle. Four five-day sea browsing weather conditions vary, with eyes fixed on the gps and compass, 500 miles of competition, competition, tension, fatigue. The sixteenth is ordered by Cn Porto Santa Margherita with the collaboration of Warsteiner, Balan Wines and with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Caorle, Veneto Region and APT Caorle Bibione. A competition in the last few years has given always great emotions. Several crew members, among them many of the protagonists of the recent Two hundred MCA Cup, some of whom hope to improve the performance compromised by poor weather conditions-such as Black Angel duo Striuli-Favaro, who wants to repeat the 1 º instead of class 2 º and all over IRC and IMS obtained the 500x2 last year. There will be among others, of Canute Again, the Millennium 40 designed by Lostuzzi who cut for the first goal in the thirteenth century and crew of Doride Bevilacqua, winners in 200x2. Also confirmed the presence of four Mini Transat and the duo Pantaleo-Rossetti, aboard a Vela for Emergency. "This year's race coincides with a birthday important for our club who made his first forty years and looks to the future of a strong tradition that sees increasingly protagonist in the national sailing scene - says Alberto Albertini, president of Cn S . Margaret - the sixteenth century, since its inception has been a challenging race, almost a preparation for sailors eager to tackle the ocean during the previous editions many internationally renowned sailors have opted for Port St. Margaret to try and grow and inspires us see how each year the challenge is revitalized. The sixteenth Warsteiner Cup is reserved for boats from 6.50 up to over 24 metres, divided into various classes, which will be confronted in Irc, Ims and free. Participants can choose the classic formulas "x 2" or "crew". The boats are housed in the dock of Marina 4 until 24 awards Sunday. The race can be followed on the site, where they will be continually updated several steps.


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