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23/03/2010 - Consumption, comes the first pizza that changes seasons

And the 'war to the usual pizza very same everywhere throughout the year as the 4 seasons where, to always have the same ingredients, you are forced to use products stored or imported from abroad, with the result that more than half of the pizzas served 25 thousand in the national pizza products contain Made in Italy. And 'what the Coldiretti in announcing that arrive for the first time the pizzas on the menu at "kilometer zero" that change according to season to reflect in the product ingredients present in this area, and at that moment in the garden in the woods or in the sea (such as peppers, eggplant, arugula, artichokes, mushrooms or fish). The challenge in part by the pizza world Cessalto in the province of Treviso where he was delivered by Coldiretti the first Targa to "kilometer zero" to "Pizzeria da Bepi" with Rodolfo and Fabio holders who have rebelled against the usual clichés of the same pizza during throughout the year to initiate action for the use of local products in season. A true revolution - states Coldiretti - Save the climate by reducing the use of products that consume energy to be stored for long or that they have to travel thousands of miles away means pollutant emitting greenhouse gases before reaching table. No more standard pizzas with ingredients that come from far away so why eat pizza "summer" when it is spring on their premises can be. The new pizza recipe km zero therefore vary depending on the production found in the surrounding countryside at that time to secure the bond with the land and prevent loss of freshness and authenticity of the pizza standards. Here is the debut release "Spring" of the first rucoletta found in the garden of the house and onion grilled Chioggia rigorously, but those who choose the "Winter" can still almost taste it as the cultivation of red radicchio, despite the cold this year is nearly over. Also interesting is the "Nostrana" that provides field grasses spontaneous characteristics of this period, as appetizing is one that bears the name of "Forest of olme" site of Community interest within walking distance to volunteer and wild asparagus buds of hops. Among the curiosities is the "Caorle" which provides for the presence of squid fishing area near the seaside town of Caorle. The initiative also has an educational purpose because it combats the confusion that creates a table in the young and less young people on seasonal ingredients and helps to retrieve a style food more 'healthy. Today, the pizza is the Italian word more 'known abroad with 8 percent, followed by cappuccino (7 percent), from spaghetti (7 percent) and expressively (6 percent), according to a survey on line of the Societa 'Dante Alighieri. In Italy there are 25 thousand pizzerias with 120 thousand jobs and a turnover of 5 billion euros, which is growing despite the crisis, as confirmed - concluded Coldiretti - Doxa recent research according to which when it comes to choosing something " tasty "for lunch, 29 percent of Italians prefer pasta, but as much as 26 per cent pizza.


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