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10/11/2009 - COLLAPSE OF THE BERLIN WALL, Caorle offer 'hospitality' free of charge to families in the former GDR

Even the city of Caorle plays a part in the celebrations for the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. In fact in 1989 our city offered to citizens of the now former GDR a thousand free stays to enjoy along the Adriatic. Requests received information to the offices of the APT by Christmas of that year were about 50,000 and the first 1,000 families had been booked a summer holiday. Important was the gesture of the City of Caorle, local tour operators, who were thanked by the Mayor to direct the opening day of ITB Berlin, the most important tourism fair in the world. It is still fresh in our city the feeling of welcome Caorle that the community offered to German families who for years had suffered from the great world war: the separation of one people by means of a wall and barbed wire. "I have a beautiful memory of that initiative - said the Mayor of Caorle Marco Sarto - on the grounds that there was a massive popular participation. Our tour operators on one side, ready to offer hospitality, and the mediation efforts of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the then Minister Gianni De Michelis, for the solution of the problem of visas. A heavy bureaucratic practices resolved even with the contribution of the APT and the City of Caorle. So now, more than ever, we feel close to the German people. "In those days, the publishing group Springer publisher of Bild Zeting, doubtful of the initiative, verified that they were actually stays free and allocated to families of the former GDR ; to ascertain the goodness of the initiative, always ITB Berlin were invited to witness that many families have stayed in Caorle. In addition to dozens of buses, in those summer months arrived in Caorle also a large number of mythical symbol of the GDR Trabant car that raised a huge curiosity among both locals and among the many tourists in the city. Even from this experience was born the famous play by Peter Timm entitled "Go Trabi Go!"


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