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Christmas in Caorle, the festival goes live

Is really full of events planned for the bill the next few days in Caorle. The Italian city prepares to celebrate Christmas and New Year with initiatives that will involve residents and tourists in the atmosphere of a fairytale. Between a walk and a glass of wine, visitors can discover a city with unique charm and multifaceted. "The events of this year - says the president of Promocaorle Raffaele Furlanis - are far-reaching for a diverse audience. We worked together with municipalities and associations to prepare a program of high level with the intent to promote tourism that is not just a seaside resort. Caorle offers many opportunities for people who love good food, culture and traditions: Do not miss the opportunity to spend a weekend during the Christmas holidays. "" We are very pleased - says the Deputy Mayor for maximum communication David - the calendar of events that we were able to organize, rich in culture, sports and of course food and wine. A mix of three ingredients that certainly will attract a wide audience. Absolute novelty of this year's indoor ice rink, a space where not miss the fun. This package of events organized for the holiday season is a starting point to focus on tourism, not only summer but even in months where sand and bathrooms are being replaced by a diversified only Caorle may propose. "Tomorrow, December 12 at 10.30 for children, the Library organizes "Steal a Star," a workshop reading and animation Molino Rosenkranz for children aged 3 to 5 years. from 15.30 to 18. 00 directly from the program Modern Culture and the Festival of Channel 5 show, the magician Nicola Previti, accompanied by his beautiful glen, will run between the downtown streets and in Piazza Sant'Antonio to amaze with his magic tricks. Happy at 17.30 hour in square letters, while at 20.30 in the parish hall of St. George of the concert will be held Livenza Christmas together. Sunday, December 13th from 15:30 to 18. 00 space to "Trampolerie Christmas," the display of Santa Claus and an elf who will be challenged on their tall stilts curious children and adults. To 16.00 Caorle theater group will stage the show "Mission from Heaven" by Antonella Zucchini or "How indrtezàr na widow" directed Gusso Narcissus: the proceeds will be donated to the association Avis. Happy Hour at 17.30 in Piazza Sant'Antonio. From Thursday, December 18 opens the indoor ice rink!


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