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Caorle:the news Tuesday that the superintendent for archaeological

E 'of the news Tuesday that the superintendent for archaeological Venice, Luigi Fozzati, during a visit in the town of Rome found by the discovery of archaeological finds. This could affect the work for the realization of commercial residential complex, designed by architect Paolo Portoghesi Roman, 13 metres high and with underground parking spaces by 94, already severely challenged. Some indiscretions speak of the ruins of ancient buildings of the Renaissance era that probably were built between the walls and the sea. That would be expanded settlements and stratigraphic even earlier eras. For official statements must wait for the press conference that day to be issued by the superintendent and the mayor Fozzati Mark Taylor. Many of the questions that citizens are asking: what will be the value of these archaeological findings? Bloccheranno work started in early April? What will happen to the draft Portuguese? To answer these and many other questions must wait for the words of the experts. "We can only welcome these archaeological impediments - exclaims satisfied Roberto Vio, representative of the defence territory Caorle - We have initiated legal obstacles and now the story gives us a hand. A lightning in the sky clear for Mayor Mark Taylor, whose decision on l ' "ecomostro" has been criticized by many. "The findings demonstrate how unwise and not very intelligent act in this way in the heart of our city - continues Vio - I hope that the superintendent Fozzati in taking its decision considering the enormous social value of the project and that gives equal weight to findings. What is happening these days gives reason to what the Defence Committee Caorle territory has always supported the area of the City Hall building should not remain. It 'a place of memory that tells the history of the city. The area must remain an open space, whose target is to be agreed with the citizens. And the building itself, 'former City Hall could become a national museum, a showcase of our location, from a historical, cultural and natural. The New Venice


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