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10/03/2006 - Caorle:New Laguna for Old Valley

Caorle: Riallargare Valley Old back to their natural state? Not a dream, but an ambitious project of the Municipal Caorle which will be presented in Region in the coming weeks. The uniqueness of this area of undisputed quality of the environment, is indeed in large numbers. The aim would be indeed to a few hectares near the channel, as is already experienced in recent years, but a massive hydraulic work that will extend for about 800 hectares, that is to say more than a thousand football fields. It would be like restoring a new life in Valle Old: After the remediation at the end of the sixties, the whole area was used for agriculture and farming. More recently then, Old Valley and passed under the management of the regional "Veneto Agriculture, which administers also a well-known centre for the selection of bulls for breeding, one of the most famous of Italy. It was however a large slice of territory between the wild beach Brussa pa Veneto Agriculture, voted for the cultivation of the fields once submerged. And it is precisely here that the town of Caorle wants to reopen the channel of Baseleghe Grande and the Channel port to Canadare Falconera, to repay the huge expanse of fields its natural habitat, reinserendoli in the lagoon. Many of the benefits that this would lead to hydraulic Valley Old: The first concerns the balance of water flows affecting the mouth of Baseleghe (which has a water flow rate similar to that dell'Adige), which find more natural outbreaks, especially during periods of full and high tide. The second hand on the environmental rehabilitation: an operation that has no precedent in Europe in terms of extension of the floor riallargare and that will recreate a microcosm natural, a great honour. Hence, they can also take advantage of the enormous value that this tourist area can buy with this project: a lagoon between the beaches and Caorle Bibione, will give new impetus to tourism, especially nature. The project also enjoys the Governor Giancarlo Galan, which has always been in love with this lagoon.


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