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CAORLE: Valley Old, new hydraulic works for seven hectares

The water returns to be the main element of Old Valley: not salty or brackish water is, but rainwater, valuable resource that engineers Veneto Agriculture have been able to store and distribute in over 700 hectares of farmland by 'regional company. Post in a reclamation area which extends along the coast and which remains on average one meter below sea level, Old Valley is one of the most successful examples of agricultural innovation. The merit of the success of this project lies with Veneto Agriculture, the regional body that manages the Old Valley area and who experiences interventions rural development and natural: the works submitted yesterday by hydraulic engineers are in fact the result of years of study and several million euros of investments, which led to create pools of storage of rainwater can collect and distribute 450 thousand cubic meters of fresh water a year, sopperendo without water problems even in periods of peak drought. The innovation lies in the fact manage and retain in 10 dams, rainwater falling in rainy periods and ridistribuirla through irrigation canals in the camps: this model, which has already borne fruit this summer, will serve as example to the many farms in the Veneto that, thanks to this testing and funds for innovation, will ingenious solution to the problem of drought and irrigation. A great effort and therefore many investments to various works already planned, as the Old Valley realization of a natural museum, a "service" casone, biomass energy and balance that makes the company is independent and autonomous from the point sight of that irrigation. One effort that could be wasted if passed Region in the draft submitted by the town of Caorle riallargare for much of Old Valley. "I have not yet read of this project - the administrator commented single Veneto Agriculture Corrado Callegari - but I think it would be appropriate to analyse together the administration and the municipal region, the benefits and risks of such intervention. On the one hand there are the needs tourist those of the other natural and agriculture.


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