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Last year, to cut the ribbon at the fair of the Adriatic, was the chairman of the region Giancarlo Galan: that was the undisputed love for Caorle and his fishing valleys, never hidden from Governor ol'imminenza elections land and the presence of top institutions Venetian was not fair to failure, however this deserted by his deputy (and regional tourism) Luca Zaia, expected to last for the inauguration. Neprekinjeno, to Zaia, (justified in extremis for concomitantly with other institutional commitments), which did not fail to arouse controversy. Criticism came from representatives of the Province, trade associations and local institutions that wanted to take this opportunity inaugural togliesi some pebble in the shoe theme of tourism policy: "But the fair Caorle - sarcastic comments of the mayor Caorle Mark Taylor - the only of its kind in the entire coast from Rimini in Trieste, does not have the same strategic importance to the tourism of the "Festival of pepper" Zero Branco, inaugurated by Zaia. The region has been criticized from many quarters for having forgotten not only Bibione in the infamous leadership of Touring, but of the whole Venetian coast. Under accusation no proper tourism policy of the region: besides the absence of the so-called team spirit, synergy by all agencies, public and private, involved in tourism, the provincial assessor also critical Danilo Lunardelli the lack of consideration that the region gives the Venetian coast. For the 24 million presences of our beaches are two paginette in the Guide for Touring, while one million poor in the province of Rovigo and something more to that of Treviso, deserve from 6 to 10 pages in the same publication. The same criteria, according Lunardelli, also apply to transfers of funds from the Region to town: it is not clear why, with an impressive number of presences, of arrivals and tourism companies operating in the coast, people get less money for other lost and ignored. Mayor Taylor laments the lack of attention by the province and Apt for individual locations on the coast, nothing advertised to stand queens of bits York: Apt but can not legally make promotion - clarifies Lunardelli - task Region and the local consortia. The controversy, however, have not ruined the spirit of the fair, strongly desired by employers.


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