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Caorle: places to visit, itineraries and culinary tradition

Located in the province of Venice, north east of the Lagoon of Venice, Caorle is a small town of approximately 11,000 inhabitants. This is one of the most picturesque among those belonging to the area known as Eastern Veneto, which prides itself on the shoreline of the end golden sands extended for about 18 KmThe city's name derives from Caorle, according to traditional belief, that of pagan goddess Capris Adriatic, whose cult was widespread in antiquity among the peoples of the northern Adriatic. According to another version, "Caorle" is a vulgarization of the term Latin "Caprulae" and would be explained by the numerous herds of wild goats in the area of forest Silva Caprulana, between the rivers Livenza and Tagliamento. Caorle, Caorle, landscape, panorama History - Caorle The city's origins date back to the first century BC Elected bishopric in the sixth century, Caorle became part of the Serenissima Republic. In the thirteenth century the city began a period of decline that lasted until the Napoleonic period. In the nineteenth century, Caorle became a possession of Austria, and in 1818 was annexed to the Patriarchate of Venice. Routes and places to visit - Caorle Caorle, Caorle historic downtown street, via the Center's historic The Cathedral of Caorle Caorle, Caorle The Cathedral, The Cathedral The building, erected in 1038, is dedicated to St. Stephen Martyr. The existing building has a basilica, the cylindrical bell tower is topped by a roof with windows. Inside you can admire some fine works of art, including the Pala d'Oro, The Last Supper and six boards dedicated to the Apostles, preserved in the museum parish. Shrine of Our Lady of the Angel Caorle, Caorle Shrine of Our Lady of the Angel, Shrine of Our Lady of the Angel Situated along the coast, the sanctuary is reached via the promenade adorned by Cliff Viva, a line of white limestone rocks placed along the beach and sculpted by internationally renowned artists at an annual competition. The sacred edifice is the result of the reconstruction occurred in 1944 and is dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel and the Blessed Virgin of the Angel. Inside, see a wooden statue depicting the Virgin and Child, a statue depicting God Father who holds the world surrounded by angels and a relief of the Archangel St. Michele. On the ceiling of the nave is painted the scene of the discovery of the statue of Our Lady of the Angel at the hands of fishermen. Note the high altar in Baroque style.


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