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06/04/2010 - Caorle all sports for all

Open doors for children and parents of Caorle in all municipal sporting facilities: back, for the fourteenth time, the appointment with the Spring Games, an event organized by the Sports City of Caorle, in collaboration with local sports associations The Provincial Committee of the cones and the province of Venice. For free you will have access to municipal and private sports facilities in accordance with a timetable. It will also learn the rudiments of various disciplines. In particular at the golf course Pra 'delle Torri two courses will be activated for boys aged 10 to 18 years (maximum 10 participants), On Monday 29 and Tuesday, March 30. The courses will take place from 14 to 14.30 and from 15 to 15.30. To participate you must book at least 4 days in advance by phone 0421,299,570 from 09.30 am to 18. Even the St. Margaret Sailing Club will not fail its consolidated contribution. For fifty boys will be organized based on a course that will sail for home under the sea CNSM at the Navy dock at Porto Santa Margherita 4. Classes will be held Friday 2, Monday 5 and Saturday, April 10, from 10am to 12pm and from 14 to 16. To participate you must contact numbers or 0421.260.001 349.188.50.01. For those willing, however, learn a traditional discipline, the choice inevitably fall on the popular Venetian. Water space in front of the seat of the rowing Caorle there will be a Venetian rowing and canoeing course for kids (20 participants) in the day Saturday, April 10 15 am to 18 pm and Sunday 9 to 11 of 12. Again you must book your participation number 340.919.95.87. And for aspiring Robin Hood's appointment is for 1 and 2 April, 14.30 18, in the gym "Enrico Fermi" where a group of archers Ciliensi instructor will explain the secrets of archery (the book number 0421.219264). While at the stables' horses of the Rose "of San Gaetano di Caorle booking or to 331.744.81.50 to 347.302.89.16, the boys can ride the 30 and 31 March and 1 and April 2 from 10am to 12.30pm and from 15 to 18. Could not miss, finally, certain facilities open to the public municipal stadium. The track and tennis courts will be available on working days from 29 March to 11 April from 9 to 12 and from 14.30 to 17. Wednesday 7 and Friday 9, from 16 to 18, you will train under the guidance of an instructor Fidal.


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