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Arcicaccia Veneto: the Regional Council to slap new hunters in the lagoon

HUNTING IN VENICE LAGOON SPA: AFTER THE DECISION OF JANUARY 16, totally ill-timed 2009, the Veneto Regional Council IMPOSING A NEW slap in the face to hunters of the Venice Lagoon. There seems to an end the harassment they are subjected to laws hunters Lagoon Venice. After the ax struck on their heads in the form of decree, the one relating to the SPAsigned by the Minister Pecoraro Scanio never regret after the proclamation of election campaigns and membership of some politicians who had promised and never kept that this decree was modified and still try to charm the souls embittered and disillusioned by too much demagoguery never supported by facts, after the incredible measure discriminatory dated January 16, 2009, the Regional Council of Veneto returns a measure similar to the requirements for the monthHunting seasons in January of the previous year, ending with the new deal a slap in the face of the Venice Lagoon to hunters, who feel humiliated by overt discrimination. After the DPGR n.279 of 29.12. 2009 the same council had decided that the two days of hunting in the SPA Venice Lagoon were those of Saturday and Sunday, in a curious turnabout, supported by official reasons to limit the "tragicomic" (while unofficial ones seem clear to many), Palace Balbi produces a new decree, No. 1 of 5.01.2010, which, on the lines laid down by decree adopted a year earlier (# 12 of 16.01. 2009), once again stands out for the blatant disparity in treatment against citizens who are in the same situation of law and fact. Indeed, such action provides different modes of regulation regarding the identification of days of hunting. To Companies Fauna and Hunting, in which they show off their hunting skills eminent political and hunting Veneto, is left free to choose, week by week, the two hunting days between Wednesday and Thursday before, between Saturday and Sunday second. For the territory to hunt programs, however, the Regional Council of Veneto, divided into macro areas of the empire the same SPA, on which even private companies insist, and identifies the South Lagoon and the lagoon of Caorle days Thursday and Sunday, while the North Lagoon day on Wednesday and Saturday. In fact, in a blatant, the regions identified in the same situation of law (In fact, both private companies that are covered by the same ATC SPA) Two types of hunters, treated differently, and favors the hunters of private companies, stakeholders, economic and otherwise, very important, giving them a choice, week by week, the days are more favorable and the little disruption as well as enabling them to circumvent the legislation of the two days with the little known tricks. Equal social dignity of citizens, their equality without distinction of personal and social conditions are fundamental principles expressed by our Constitution and which the Italian Republic is founded, principles which, with great regret, according to Arcicaccia Provincial Federation of Venice not seem to have inspired this occasion, the regional legislature, which too often is referred to as close to the hunters, especially in the proclamation of election campaignsSome of the members of the majority, but in fact, all too often, proves anything but sensitive to the dynamics of the world hunting.


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