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Among polenta, fish and chestnuts

Polenta, chestnuts: the protagonists festivals throughout the Veneto. With the change of season, returning the festivities lively colors and flavors of autumn. The thermometer drops and the leaves that change color by invoking one of the typical dishes of Venetian cuisine. A Stra (Venezia) in the park of Villa Loredana back from today to Sunday, the third edition of "golden polenta on the table." The event gets underway today with the theme dinner "Polenta dish King", tomorrow and Sunday will be active a food stand where you can sample traditional Venetian dishes with polenta Veneto (Biancoperla Maranello and all), Trentino, Friuli and Lombard. Among the charming streets and squares of Caorle (Venice), the event will be held Sunday, "A Sea of Tastes," with tastings of local fish cooked according to old recipes. The event will continue Sunday, October 25th with "The Taste of Veneto, from sea to mountain, where, in addition to seafood, you will appreciate those of neighboring mountain reliefs. A Longarone (Belluno), the exhibition of Longarone Fair, tomorrow and Monday, will come to life with the ninth edition of Italian flavors with quality production of Italian territory with a particular area offering products typical of the Dolomites. Italian flavors has been enriched by the expression "Pastin in Festa. The pumpkin is one of the most popular seasonal fruits of the earth. Sunday at Piove di Sacco (Padova) will be held the 18th edition of "Suca Baruch ... with mòcolo impissà "traditional festival in mid October that will enliven the city's historical center with tastings, themed pumpkin carving contests, exhibitions and recognition for the pumpkin market more attractive. It would not be autumn without the festivals dedicated to the fruit of the chestnut, festivals with their typical characteristics that motivate the various municipalities in the region. In the province of Treviso, in Pederobba, continues until 25 October, the 35th Exhibition of brown Monfenera, home of the famous brown IGP. Still in Brand quits Sunday 39th Chestnut Festival at Colmaggiore of Tarzo while there is time until the first of November for the Feast of brown Combai with the greatest festival of the woods Treviso. Even in Vicenza, in the town of Recoaro Merendaore Terme, tomorrow and Sunday you can taste typical local and brown the eighth Festival of Chestnuts, a program similar to the Chestnut Festival of Durlo of Crespadoro where players will be the brown natives of Durlo. In Padua, in Teolo on Sunday he will attend the cooking of brown with "arrostidora, fruit that will be the center of the festival also Brown Oak Veronese (Verona), also on Sunday.


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