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All for a Caorle The X2 Two hundred and Crew in the CNSM

The XXV edition of The Two hundred and in X2 Crew, organized by the Circolo Nautico Santa Margherita in collaboration with the municipality of Caorle, Marina 4 Darsena dell'Orologio and with the support of technical partners ICM,, Water St. Benedict and Paulaner , confirming the long-distance race most crowded parts of the Adriatic. The formula weekend, which allows crews to measure two hundred miles long in a very technical comparison, continues to collect increasing consensi.Sono far 47 boats that on Friday May 15 at 11:00 am Caorle left, turn the buoy forane Grade to make the route towards Sansego (CRO) and return no later than 20.00 of domenica.Nell 'challenging classifica X2 starts 14 seasoned crews, many of whom also participate in the sixteenth century Thiénot Cup in June. Among these Minitransat (Spot Altieri / Stipanicev, Short Riccobon / Ciampalini, Liska of Pecchioli / Brama), the Venetians Blucolombre Juris / Rinaldo and the group GDB East Sailing Team with the Salona 40 and even the Ravenna 42.Tornano Salotti / septa with the Solaris 36 Emytoo, Caregnato / Costa on Keira, the group not only with three sailing vessels and trevigiani Paone / Paone on Skia.Numerosa Crew In the fleet, with 33 boats to contest the podium in several classes. Among the larger boats the GS 50 Ali Raja Paul Morellato, the Sun Odyssey 45 Faggian They Lorenzo who returns to racing in the waters of Porto Santa Margherita and the Sly 47 Interceptor, recently launched, the Rimini Giancarlo Nutarelli debut to racing. Do not miss the habitué Exmeralda, furious to Gomiero, H30 GS 45 Bagante, Gust of vicentino Massignani and Mucillaginerosa, 52 of the choruses Sandrin winner last year in Overall. Battaglia also ensured the new entry as the Fast 42 Atama! Bisotto of the Farr 40 marinariello De Bona Berti Brussa with the tactics and the Vega project Loos 41 Girotto. Three of the First 40.7 at the start: Arkanoè of Caramel, and not only Spriznaker Ciurma.Il technical briefing with the weather Col. Cerasasuolo, will be held Thursday May 14 at 19th00 at the Centro Civico del Comune in Piazza di Caorle Bishopric, followed by a meeting open to all, with the city's Olympic Stars Caorle. To follow the race:


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