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A second access CAORLE

By Resolution No. 4146 dated 29 December 2009, the council of the Veneto Region has committed the sum of 35 million Euros for the second entry in Caorle: the underpass Channel Varoggio, Sansonessa in area north of the canal, with output in the Village Clock. The commitment of expenditure from the region comes from CAV, the company that manages the Venetian Motorway concessions receipts resulting from the highway Passante di Mestre. Corporate statutes, some of these proceeds may be used to finance transportation infrastructures identified by the Region. With this commitment of expenditure is therefore its exact definition and positioning, the second through the town, a work indispensable to the local road network and whose projects have already been defined. Consequently, this solution is to cancel another project into being and assumed that, as another alternative entrance to the city, the bridge floating on Channel Varoggio height of Largo Europa, at the base of the bridge Negrelli. "E 'with great satisfaction that I welcome this news - commented Marco Sarto, Mayor of Caorle -. Veneto Region has maintained its commitments and for this I want to thank in particular the Deputy Major of Mobility and Infrastructure Renato Chisso that this project addressed directly. The second access road in Caorle has become over the years, with increasing traffic but especially in tourist numbers, a work that was not postponed. Course will bring a decrease in traffic in the historic and this in itself represents another important step towards improving the quality of life of residents, which is one of the most important program of this Administration. But will also bring a significant improvement in the quality of services offered to tourists by encouraging, therefore, also the tourism industry. From the technical point of view, have already been taken out inspections and enforcement of the underpass should not find any significant obstacle while the environmental impact will be zero. "Finally, Federalism road becomes a reality for our region, - expressed satisfaction the Regional Minister Renato Chisso, - and everyone can enjoy its fruits. After much talk and meetings and we have provided the answers true and essential to the demands of the Veneto. Together with the government of the Province of Venice, we have identified needs, and these are the first works about the area. My sincere thanks go to the Commons, and their effort to improve traffic flow that results in a significant increase in quality of life for its citizens. "


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