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03/10/2009 - A sea to discover

The enchanting scenery of Caorle, where the blue sky diving in the blue of the sea, houses in the exhibition "A Sea of Discovery", two days devoted respectively to the sea and the mountain: Sunday, October 18, 2009 takes takes the way "The tastes of the Veneto, from the sea to the mountains and Sunday, October 25, 2009 A Sea of Tastes. A sea to discover, this is the leitmotif of the event involving the historic city of Caorle, transforming it into a location where you can enjoy wine and food products fresher and natural sea and land in Veneto. Sunday, October 18th will be a Caorle Once the products of the mountains of Veneto. Really do not miss an appointment, a unique opportunity to taste the most appetizing and wholesome products in the Veneto region, to taste all the delicious fragrance of the sea and the mountains washed down with a glass of wine. On 25 October 2009, the streets and squares of Caorle will instead be the exclusive setting of a beautiful event entirely dedicated to local cuisine, a unique opportunity to experience the best of the board of Caorle Venetian and fish, cooked and offered according to ancient recipes traditional. For two days A sea to discover the initiatives do not stop some of the simple tastings: are planned, in addition to food and wine tours, cultural events, entertainment shows, markets and cooking classes of objects where they will examine all issues concerning the art of knowing how to cook. So the public will discover the methods of hand-crafted ingredients and learn the ancient recipes Caorle, a true cultural heritage to be preserved. Food and wine events organized by Proloco Caorle and Promocaorle in collaboration with the municipality of Caorle, Caorle Typical Group Meal, Fish Market, a consortium of Asiago 7 Comuni, Proloco of Cimadolmo (Tv), wine-Lison Pramaggiore, Hotel School John XXIII CFP Lepidus Rocco, Group artistic decorations and substantial participation of Proloco of Veneto and of the consortia to protect local products. Info: Promocaorle 0421 210506 - 0421 212386 Proloco Caorle.


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