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The Volunteer Group of Friends of Santa Claus Caorle organize, like all the years, "Fireflies in Caorle," which, for the 2010 edition is scheduled in the day on Saturday 27 February and is dedicated especially to Franco Gallini, founder of Via di Natale a project, the latter, which aims to fight cancer. The program includes a Saturday S. Mass in the cathedral at 18. 30 which followed the departure of the procession from Piazza Vesco go through Rio Earth out of Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII and continued on to New Road and ends in the former Corporate Chiggiato.'s Arrival in this area has a particular meaning in As the municipal administration, with its own resolution of 2009, decided to dedicate the section of road adjacent to Chiggiato, Franco Gallini. In particular the roundabout where it ends and Panama Avenue to the junction with the road Caorle - S. Stino di Livenza, currently call the River, will become Via Franco Gallini. The new name provides a simple ceremony with the unveiling of the plaque of the new route to be followed by a toast in the adjacent seat of the local police. The decision to dedicate the street to Dr. Franco Gallini was decided by the municipal administration of Caorle, accepting a proposal from the group Volunteers Friends of Santa Claus. Franco Gallini was the creator of "Christmas Street", a joint initiative form idabile for the collection of funds for the cancer wards of hospitals in our regions. The first initiative of raising money started way back in 1977 and then continued with many other proposals and campaigns aimed at raising public awareness about a disease that, until a few years ago, you did not even dare to pronounce the name . There was still a road just downhill, the one taken by Franco Gallini. Countless were the obstacles he had to overcome, whether administrative or bureaucratic, to achieve what was certainly the most important project of "Christmas Street", the realization in 1984 of the Centro di Riferimento Oncologico of Aviano. People like this social commitment and action organized in support of the project increased continuously, supported by the great heart of the population, supportive, generously poured its support for economic co. The tens of millions of pounds that entered in the following years led to 1984, four years later, in 1988, implementation of the "House on Christmas Street 1", dedicated to the reception of relatives of patients who often could not afford to pay for a room hotel to stay close to their loved ones. But the path traced by Franco Gallini has continued over the years with other important projects. At first with the construction of the "House 2" consists of 34 small apartments and then with Hospice - by Christmas, "built to accommodate the terminal cancer patients and, not least, the Project Sonia, who plans to work at home paid patients.


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