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24-11-2018 Second day at Portogruaro of the Sant'Andrea Fair

At Portogruaro from 8 o'clock the second day of the Sant'Andrea Fair begins on 24 November 2018. Stalls open all day.

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Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th November 2018 there will be the main events of the Fiera di Sant'Andrea with typical wooden houses all over the historic center. Do not miss it; the Bio Fair, which will be; obtained inside the Villa Comunale, in via Garibaldi with via Seminario. Throughout the center the stalls will offer typical products of the Portogruaro area to zero kilometers, appetizers and good wine of the best brands in the area. Great space also for prosecco. The initiatives will be numerous as well; like conferences. The Fair & egrave; a unique opportunity to get to know the area.

The program of the Sant'Andrea Fair on Saturday 24 November 2018

At 11 am in Borgo Sant'Agnese official inauguration of the Fair with admission to the exhibition of engines and area dedicated to the world of dogs that is called I trust you.

At 12.15 arrival of the parade in Piazza della Repubblica.

Continue the exhibition on the Great War, From 14 to 17 excursions on the Lemene by gondola and from 14 to 18 guided tours with the ciceroni of the young do.

At 15 in Borgo San Giovanni free visit to the Center of Portogruaro.

Piazza del Duomo The corner of the craft.

In Via Mazzini the Children's Road.

In Via del Rastrello the art road.

At the Galleria Ai Molini the exhibition by Toni Boatto continues.

In San Nicol & ograve; exhibition of agricultural machinery and equipment.

In the Municipal villa competition I trust you dedicated to dogs. At 10 am in the villa meeting with Paolo Morganti and his dog Piero. At 2.30 pm dog sport competition.

In the Villa Comunale at the Parco della Pace the Oca Courtyard is back

From 11 to 20 in Via Cavour 21 tastings of gourmet portions and wines.

15.30 guided tours of the Museo Nazionale Concordiese.

At 6 pm in the municipal building In dialogue with the land, review of wine and local products.

Palazzo Longo exhibition of art on the contemporary world.

At the Museum of the City & agrave; in Torre Sant'Agnese visiting hours from 10 to 12 and from 15 to 17.

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