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18-11-2018 The Fiera di Sant'Andrea opens in Portogruaro

Everything is ready in Portogruaro for the 2018 edition of the Fiera di Sant'Andrea, the revival of the Ancient Fair of geese and boots. It is estimated that at least 6 centuries from which this festival is celebrated, only that the modern re-presentation of the event & egrave; occurred only in the early 80s. This is the general program of the event.

Sunday 18 October 2018 from the first day of the day with the Fair dedicated to children and associations. It will be there & agrave; the usual toast, around 11 o'clock, from the municipal building in Piazza della Repubblica in Portogruaro. Throughout the day and throughout the historic center will be present the gazebos of the various cultural and sporting associations that will make themselves known for their activities & agrave;.

The program of the Sant'Andrea Fair on Sunday 18 November.

9.45 am. At Torre dui sant'Agnese departure of the Nordic walking walk with Marco Dotta. At 11 am the passage to Borgo San Giovanni with the Funkasin Street Band. At 12 arrival in Piazza della Repubblica. Brindisi to the square with all associations.

Municipal Palace. The exhibition on the Great War opens at 9 am in the Sala delle Colonne, entitled A name a face to the fallen of the territory by the Aldo Mori documentation center. The exhibition rester & agrave; open until 5 December 2018.

From 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm excursion by gondola with departure from the Piazzetta della Pescheria. By the Asd Voga Concordiese.

From 10 am to 6 pm in the Piazzetta della Pescheria the youngsters of Fai Giovani will guide all the visitors of Portogruaro. From 11 to 20 in via Cavour 21 tastings organized by the Enoclub Portogruaro. From 9 in via Mazzini the road of the putei, market for charity for all children.

From 15 to Piazza della Repubblica, a show of magic and comicit & agrave;.

From 15.30 to the Museo Nazionale Concordiese guided tours by the Gravo and the Colluto Foundation.

At 5 pm in the council hall at the Town Hall: presentation of the cycling routes organized by Natale Cigagna and students of the Ipsia D'Alessi of Portogruaro.

At 8.30pm a concert dedicated to Rossini with the choir La Martinella.

Exhibition at the Molini Gallery by Antonio Boatto, curated by Bepi Carac & ograve;.

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