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07-12-2018 Caorle Christmas 2018 begins with the ignition of the Tree and dinner with Mickey Mouse

The Municipality of Caorle, in close synergy with some private partners, proposes Caorle Wonderland 2018, that is; Christmas celebrations. This is a very special edition of the Christmas celebrations. We start friday & igrave; 7 December to close the whole January 7, 2019. Sar & agrave; an extremely intense month of characteristic events, with particular attractions. In addition to a Christmas tree, it will come; set up a funfair on the beach: & egrave; the first time it happens & agrave; absolutely, even in the summer, such an experiment had been attempted. Stations will be created to give children the stops by climbing the Christmas Train. There will be an exhibition of ice statues and a house of Santa Claus. In the historic center the Christmas market will confer & agrave; a new aspect to the celebrations of Caorle. On the beach you will come; also created a young area full of potentiality, to accommodate all the guys who come from outside.

The great attractions.

Santa's House.

Here every day a great Santa Claus will receive & agrave; children of all nationalities, including those most important; distant. Comes from Scandinavia and before December 25th you will receive & agrave; the letters with the desires of the pi & ugrave; small.

The ice rink.

Like every year in Piazza San Giovanni XXIII will come; set up from December 7, 2018, a track where you can & agrave; skate

Snow slides with donuts.

& Egrave; the great attraction of Christmas 2018. There will be & agrave; a second track where it will be possible; slip quietly and throw yourself great for fun.

The Luna Park

For the first time in winter Caorle will host & agrave; the rides that so much appeals to adults and children.

Christmas train.

Ciuff Ciuff, there will not be the tracks but a train that will run & agrave; the streets of the historic center.

The enchanted Woods.

Rich in vegetation, welcome & agrave; the most little ones among angelic images and pets.

The Market.

Sorger & agrave; along Rio terr & agrave; of the Shops and it will be possible; walk on the red carpet. A Caorle will seem & agrave; to stay in Bolzano or Klagenfurt, under the stars.

I'm more; of 15 events related to Christmas in Caorle. It is valid for everyone. Adults, children, and even for 9 tourists. Friday & igrave; December 7, 2018 the opening of Caorle Wonderland & egrave; scheduled around 2 pm. At 3 pm scheduled We make the Christmas calendar, a workshop for children of age; between 3 and 6 years of age, must be accompanied by their parents or their guardians. At 4 pm, Disney Cinema, with the screening of Alice in Wonderland. At 4.10 pm we make the Christmas tree this time & it is; aimed at children aged 7 and up. At 5 pm & egrave; expected to start the Christmas tree. The winners of the contest Draw the Christmas in Caorle that takes place in the schools of the city will be awarded; marinara. At 17.30 it will come; projected the film White Fang. At 6.30 pm the legendary day will come; ended with the Dinner with Mickey, in which it will come; proposed a family menu for all children.

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